In Nyunda, a woman stands on a improptu stage, forged of broken shipping crates, preaching a message of peace and equality. Hundreds gather to hear his message. Even the thugs sent to silence her sit and listen. As the sun sets, the stage is lit with a golden fire…

At a desk inside a radio observatory, an old man listens to the stars, and smiles. Kicking back, he rests his feet on the desk, and utters “Just as planned”.

In the dark alleyways of Nexus, a gangster raises his gun, ready to put down an impudent whelp. As he looks down the sights at the broken, bloody bastard at his feet. The man looks up, eye filled with defiance and determination, and the ally floods with silver light, and the roar of a beast echos throughout the night.

On the Edge of the world, fey break before a storm of iron bullets. Leading the charge to break the ranks, whirlwind cycling around him, stands a elemental champion, waving the flag of Meruvia, his blue jade shield breaking attacks. Behind him solders rally for another charge.

In the killing fields of the Northeast, a soldier lays in a ditch, slowly bleeding out. As the darkness closes in, a voice offers him a choice. Give up his name and serve as force of death, or die unloved in a ditch. He makes his choice; then as day turns to night, a black bonfire erupts.

The mercenaries storm through the shattered door and smoky haze, only to meet a rail of glowing light, blowing them into clouds of dust. A titan of obsidian metal strides forth forth to meet them, it’s right arm ending in massive cannon, and it’s left clutching a saber of glowing light. The green visor sweeps over the men, and finds them lacking. The hunter continues her slaughter.

In Meru, a man stands in an empty office building, watching all that he had worked for be carried off. A voice speaks to him; his failure is no fault of his own, fate turned against him. Power is offered, and a deal struck. He sits back in his chair, and raises a glass. β€œA toast, then,” he says, β€œTo Hierarchy. And the natural order of things to come.”

Modern Exalted: Bring back the Light

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