Modern Exalted: Bring back the Light

Adventure log 10

By Nataxo

After a few strafing runs with explosives, the army of Lintha ghosts was routed and we took the airship back to Creation. Upon returning to Crane Bay, we interrogated the captured Abyssal, Father of the Endless Light. He revealed that he had learned of a place in the Underworld where many ghosts were being created. This place, of course, was the Underworld analogue of Seiyo. He traveled there and set up a ghost as a puppet leader, while he worked behind the scenes. While there, he discovered that Underworld Seiyo was also the location of a nexus of necromantic magic. So, he began constructing a giant, necromantic drill to cause an apocalypse in Seiyo in order to create a Shadowland and more ghosts.

After the interrogation, we took care of some business in Creation and then flew back to the Underworld. We airdropped into the throne room and after a brief battle, with the ghost puppet leader and his Necrotech-enhanced guards, the leader was knocked out and the guards killed. We brought the defeated leader out onto his balcony, I gave a speech denouncing him and revealing his duplicity, and at the climax, Sesus ripped off the ghost’s mask, revealing a Necrotech skeleton. He then cast the false leader from the balcony down to the crowd of angry citizens, followed by the soul crystal containing Father of the Endless Light.

With the false leader gone, Sesus was established as the rightful leader of his citizens’ ghosts, and he appointed Silk & Steel Sage as his regent.


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