Modern Exalted: Bring back the Light

Adventure log 13

By Nataxo

The four of us engaged the enemy army. Or rather, Gil and Sesus engaged the enemy army, while Shadow and I flew the corvette into the camp. Sesus shouted orders to Gil, who inevitably became distracted swatting at a cybernetically-enhanced human. After getting cut up a bit, Gil uppercutted him into the air, and the fall knocked him out.

Meanwhile, Shadow and I snuck into the enemy camp and attacked Krishna Wapasha, Geir’s traitor Sidereal. After a short, but difficult battle, we were able to knock him out. Barely conscious ourselves, we escaped back to the corvette with the captured Sidereal.

Sesus and Gil then chased after the enemy general, a Solar. They weren’t able to catch him before he reached the convoy leaving the camp, and he emerged in an Oricalchum warstrider. After a short battle, the warstrider was scrapped, but the Solar survived, and nearly incapacitated Gil, but he was hit with a lucky blow and completely squished.

Once the fighting finished, Geir finally arrived. Wooo. He allowed us to leave with Krishna to perform the interrogation ourselves. Some investigation using pattern spiders revealed that the artifacts shipped from the dig site eventually went to Nechara, part of the Republic of Chaya, after going through most of the east.


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