Modern Exalted: Bring back the Light

Adventure log 14

By Nataxo

We took some time off for personal goals, so I went to Heaven to meditate for a few months. During that time, Sesus and Gil secured a manse site, fighting some giant ants to do so. VDS finished his interrogation of the captured Sidereal and learned that he was working with a mercenary group called the Grass Spiders.

At the conclusion of my meditation, someone from the Bureaucracy told me that Leaping Silhouette’s Exaltation had been recovered. I demanded to know why I hadn’t been informed of his absence, but the Bureaucrat couldn’t really give an answer. I was able, at least, to calm down and find out that the Exaltations for the trainees were not recovered.

I met back up with my allies and we began investigating what happened. Consulting with my pattern spider, we learned that Leaping Silhouette had been ritually sacrificed on the Isle of Blue Fire, an island somewhere in Creation with a volcano that spews blue fire. Sesus speculated that the blue fire could be indicative of an uncapped domain. After further investigation and pattern spider usage we learned that the isle is in the southwest of Creation, and the nearest civilization is An-Teng. The sacrifice was performed by Kesserk of the Blue Fire Tribe, a heavily mutated human.

We learned of a legend that speaks of this tribe & island, and we narrowed down seven possible locations where it could be. We boarded the corvette and flew off to the first of these islands, and found the Isle on the first try. After flying around the island to look around, VDS went down to scout further.

While searching the tunnels that run through the volcano, VDS found one of the tribesman. It was like a bright blue centaur/cobra hybrid, and it was mining a glowing pinkinsh crystal. Progressing any further through the volcano would require protection against fire, so we went to the Wyld to gather ingredients for protective artifacts.


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