Modern Exalted: Bring back the Light

Adventure log 15

By Nataxo

After we returned from the wild, appropriately shielded against fire, VDS went back down to the island to do more scouting with a red jade grappling hook Sesus crafted. While sneaking through the cave system under the volcano, he found a room with a purple crystal spire growing through it, with a group of mutants living there. Some were wielding spears of pink crystal and ruby, and others were cooking meat over pools of magma.

We met back up and VDS planted stun charges throughout the room, though Sesus and I “voted down his plan to mine the nursery”. After the grenades went off, we rushed into the room, easily knocking out the remaining guards, and putting them all on a raised platform so they wouldn’t drown in the magma.

We stormed into the boss’s room, and after a brief fight, we knocked him out. An old mutant, the boss’s father, started shouting that he would not surrender, but we were able to quickly negotiate a peace and heal his son once we realized this was the wrong tribe.

We then attacked the correct tribe, which had been armed with modern weapons. We gathered that over the past year, three groups had visited the island, the first arriving ten months ago. The second group, led by Leaping Silhouette, arrived four months ago. They fought the first group and won, but were badly hurt in the process. A month later, a third group arrived on the island and ambushed Leaping Silhouette’s group.

This third group consisted of five people: “one who glowed like the sun (Solar), one shone like the moon (Lunar), one that shone with harsh red light (Sidereal), one that glowed black as midnight (Abyssal), and one that shone with the deep blue of the pre-dawn sky (Sidereal, Nocturnal, Alchemical, or Dragonblooded?)”. They handed Leaping Silhouette over to Kesserk to sacrifice, killed Nesso, and left with the captured Sidereal trainees.


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