Modern Exalted: Bring back the Light

Adventure log 5

By Nataxo

We abandoned the plan to deal with the Princess, and Sesus just summoned an Aalu to make the contract magically-binding. With that decided, we traveled up to the Hastalani League in Gil’s private jet, along with Silk & Steel Sage. Once we got near Windcreche, a blizzard hot, but the pilot was able to land the plane at the Windcreche airport, from which we rented a van and drove to Windcreche proper.

We asked around town, and we found that fate glitches had started coming from the nearby mining town of Crystal about a month ago. The Hastalani military came in to declare martial law and secure the mining town. Of course, that mining town is where Silk & Steel Sage’s dig site is.

Further investigation found that the Hastalani military has been on alert after two military groups had tried to gain access to the site. One of those groups was Artemis Global Securities, the private military contractor hired by Silk & Steel Sage. We also found that the site was secured by an infantry company of 180 men and a combat engineering squadron of 240 men, under the command of five Dragon-Blooded, each of which is approximately 3 Essence.

We hired a local to drive us out to Crystal. After about a day and a half, things started getting odd. The road was zigzagging in illogical ways, trees were growing in odd angles – basically everything was bent. Sesus explained that those are signs of the site of an uncapped essence well. Continuing onward, Silk & Steel Sage spotted an aerial drone carrying some sort of payload. This freaked out the driver, so we clambered out of the van before he fled back to Windcreche. Silk & Steel Sage disappeared, and Sesus and Gil ran toward the dig site with their Infernal super-speed. Before they left, I handed Gil a camera to wear over his ear, as I wanted to see what stupid stuff he got himself into. Vengeful Dreaming Shadow and I snuck through the forest.

Down the road, Sesus spotted a trio of APCs, and so he hid from them. Gil, of course, simply charged them as they demanded that he halt, as “this is a restricted area”. I wasn’t actually there, but the footage was somewhat spectacular. Gil smashed down on one of the APCs, destroyed the gun turrets, and captured the soldiers inside. The other APCs fled back to the dig site, though.

We met up (including Silk & Steel Sage) and began planning and interrogating the soldiers. Vengeful Dreaming Shadow forged some documents, and Sesus went in with a demon translator. The Dragon-Blooded questioned him and did not believe his story, so combat broke out.


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