Modern Exalted: Bring back the Light

Adventure log 6

By Nataxo

Sesus introduced himself to the Dragon-Blooded and spun a tale about looking to buy the mine and the land around it. They were initially suspicious, but they released him and the rest of us (minus Gil) entered the camp.

Not long after, a Hastalani diplomat arrived in a jet piloted by Captain Geir Falkman. I didn’t recognize the name, but apparently he’s an Infernal, and he outed Sesus as one. Surprisingly, things did not go south from there. Sesus negotiated with the diplomat, Shadow snuck around to assess the camp, and I established a rapport with the soldiers. While tailing Geir, Shadow saw a man with starmetal daiklaves suddenly appear, and Geir demanded a status report. The new guy said the Dragon-Blooded had been unable to breach the vault, but they would given time. However, someone had previously entered the mine, and had not returned. After this guy disappeared, Shadow left and shared this with us.

We went to the mine, and the Dragon-Blooded explained it was off limits until the supports could be improved, because of a previous collapse. The air aspect explained that the mine had produced some jade tainted with something. Sesus recognized it as an allow of jade and adamant; the air aspect excitedly told us that it may be a sixth magical material, so they don’t seem to already know about adamant.

Sesus and Geir apparently worked out some sort of deal, and Geir went outside the camp to “negotiate” with Gil. They also came to a deal, and Geir used shadow teleportation power to get all of us into the mine after speaking with the Dragon-Blooded. At the end of the mine tunnel was a large door braced with an adamant bar. We used the essence EMP to disable the door’s wards, and Gil and Sesus broke through the bar.

We entered to find a vault containing brass statues, each one depicting a Solar wielding artifacts. One statue was smashed, and as we continued on, another statue stepped forward and demanded identification. Sesus figured out that a caste mark was once used as identification, so we displayed those. My Sidereal caste mark was accepted, but the Abyssal and Infernal marks were not, so we had to fight past the brass men.

Past the hall of statues was a septagonal room containing a gold statue of a four-armed man bearing a horn, a spear, an olive branch, and a shield – the Unconquered Sun. Five hallways each bearing a Solar caste mark led away, and a sixth hallway was covered in an illusion. Past the door at the end of the hallway were two men speaking in Old Realm – one with robes and a staff, the other older and in heavy armor. Shadow and Sesus snuck forward, and Sesus discovered that these men were both Essence 5. The men were discussing how to break something – presumably, the cage holding the giant adamant crystal behind them.


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