Modern Exalted: Bring back the Light

Adventure log 7

By Nataxo

We discussed some plans of how to deal with the powerful Exalts up ahead, while they continued discussing how to open the cage. Our planning ended when the armored man began concentrating, causing reality to flicker about him. This prompted us to rush in and attack.

During the fight, the armored man offered no offense, simply concentrating on whatever he was doing. The unarmored man revealed himself to be a Sidereal when he entered the Four Magical Materials Form. Despite our efforts, the two men were able to withstand our attacks long enough, and the armored man imploded upon himself, causing the giant adamant crystal to begin cracking open. The Sidereal escaped into Fate, and the rest of us (minus Gil, of course) fled the room before the crystal blew. After it detonated, we went back in, but there was nothing left except Gil and broken shards of adamant.

With no sign of the two Exalts, we went off to the Unconquered Sun room and explore the other rooms. The Twilight Caste room was a workshop that had been cleaved in two by tectonic activity. Of what remained, there was a bookcase containing ancient books about how to magically defy gravity. Sesus excitedly set up a makeshift restoration lab as the rest of us continued exploring.

The Night Caste room was just the barracks. The Eclipse Caste room opened into a massive chamber containing a partially-buried, upturned, orichalcum battleship. Geir and Silk & Steel Sage examined it, and determined that pretty much every system on the ship was broken, and there didn’t seem to be any apparent way to get it out.

Continuing on, the Dawn Caste room was, finally, the armory. It was mostly empty, but we were able to find about twenty essence cannons in various states of operation. There was also a massive golden mech, missing its armor and right arm. The Zenith Caste room contained altars to the 8 Incarna. After completing our search, we returned to the Twilight Caste room to discuss how to divvy up the loot.


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