Modern Exalted: Bring back the Light

Adventure log 8

By Nataxo

After a bit of downtime, it was time to fulfill our promise to Silk & Steel Sage, and help her claim part of the Underworld. The most straightforward way to enter the Underworld is apparently by crossing though a Shadowland. This is a place that exists in Creation during the day and in the Underworld at night. Sesus suggested that we should take over the Underworld analogue of Seiyo, his homeland. That meant the Shadowlands we could travel through were the Bayou of Endless Regret or the Field of Bloodied Bulls. Since the Bayou would put us between the manses of two Deathlords, Gil suggested that we should use the Field.

After flying though the Field of Bloodied Bulls in the plane Sesus enchanted, we did some scouting around and found an… interesting sight. A large pyramid, build of Underworld basalt, stood piercing the skull of a mile-long dragon skeleton. This was something that we had to investigate. So, the ship landed in a nearby field, and Vengeful Dreaming Shadow, Silk & Steel Sage, and I went to investigate. The pyramid was the center of a small city, where workers were digging up dragon parts and bringing them to the pyramid. Overseeing the workers and guarding the pyramid were green-skinned humanoids – possibly Lintha, the first humanoids.

We were able to sneak past them and follow the workers, and we came to a room where a giant bolt of black lightning was being absorbed by a spire above. We climbed up and searched some more. We came to a room where a human in a lab coat was working on consoles that looked like some combination of corpses, old early computers, and crystals. He demanded something from the guards in Ancient Sijan, so we didn’t understand it, but Vengeful Dreaming Shadow at least had the thought to record it.

We considered killing him, but we weren’t sure what that would do to the giant essence capacitor. So instead, we snuck back out, and Sesus crafted an essence battery, and Vengeful Dreaming Shadow went back in to swap it for the charged battery inside. We then began planning a campaign of manipulation and propaganda to try to take over the city without combat.


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