Modern Exalted: Bring back the Light

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Adventure log 1
By Nataxo

This morning when I was arriving at the office, Gil called me. Last night, some criminals broke into one of his warehouses and stole a bunch of stuff, including some exotic crystals. Gil asked his employees and found that the criminals were led by some sort of mechanically-augmented superman. While Vengeful Dreaming Shadow investigated these criminals, we determined that this guy was a soulsteel alchemical exalted.

Vengeful Dreaming Shadow’s investigations brought him to the Tengese district, so he and Coda followed the trail there. They found a bunch of armed men at a bar, one of whom had red jade nunchucks. They called for backup and a fight ensued, where we learned how unfortunately easy it is to kill people.

After the fight, Sesus took the wounded and dead away, while Gil brought the captured thugs to one of his safehouses. I followed him there, to an old butchery. It was clear he was going to torture these guys, and while that doesn’t particularly bother me, the amount of glee he was getting from it made me leave. As I was headed back to the office, Gil called me – he had already broken one of the thugs, and he told us everything he knew.

They were part of a gang called Sio Swo Svang. This group is suspected of possibly being behind the recent attack on the Heptogram, where a bunch of infernal research and alchemical exaltations were stolen. Anyway, one member of the group, Chung Jone, showed up about a week after the Heptogram attack and had been exalted – though he had been seen un-exalted between the attack and then. Jone had stolen the exotic crystals from Gil’s warehouse in order to complete some device he’s working on. The interrogated thug said that after his exaltation, Jone had met with a new business partner, and has been behaving a bit mentally unstable ever since. He described this business partner as a woman wearing a thick, red cloak, and guarded by large, 7-foot-tall, smelly guys. He also gave us directions to Warehouse 78, a warehouse in the shipping district that Jone has been using as his workshop. He even built a microsub to transport cargo. Seriously.

The thug also told us about Jone’s lieutenants, all of whom Jone has augmented to be stronger, tougher, and quicker. There’s Exele Fenobiha, a gunrunner who has been augmented to shoot lasers from her eyes; Ragara Xabowe, who is in charge of drugs and chem labs; Kong Yim, who handles distribution; and Yaoting Teng, who handles extortion. These lieutenants may know more about the Sio Swo Svang, but we don’t know where to find them.

Some further investigation found that the red-cloaked woman is known as Silk and Metal Sage. Sesus had heard this woman’s name before, associated with weaponry, and in one instance, an archaeology dig in the Hastalani League.

We set up a plan to attack the warehouse and waited. Once Silk and Metal Sage arrived with her guards, we waited a few minutes, and then launched our attack.

Adventure log 2
By Nataxo

During the fight at the warehouse, Silk and Metal Sage, Gil, and myself were all knocked out, and Chung Jone escaped with the core of the robot he was building. The wounded were brought back to the office. While we were unconscious, Sesus and Vengeful Dreaming Shadow did some research and figured out that the big, smelly humanoids were necrotech constructs – essentially, zombie power armor piloted by humans modified to respire necrotic essence. Silk and Metal Sage had a briefcase with an essence lock, which Vengeful Dreaming Shadow broke into. It contained an “essence attunement disruptor”, which is basically a sort of essence EMP.

Once we were awake (two weeks later), Vengeful Dreaming Shadow interrogated Silk and Metal Sage, who revealed that to be her new name. She had apparently created a soulstone for Jone, containing the soul of some dead person. In exchange, Jone traded the essence disruptor. She had planned to use the disruptor to bring down a ward, and she occasionally used Haltan slang during the interrogation.

Vengeful Dreaming Shadow went out to talk to his contacts and found that the Sio Swo Svang disappeared a week ago. We found that they went to the An-Teng city of Ilankai, and that Chung Jone is apparently indeed the alchemical’s real name.

We went to Ilankai and found their hideout, a fancy apartment building, in which Jone resided in the top-floor penthouse. He was living with a construct which looked like a woman and contained the soulstone.

We devised a plan to break into the apartment. Sesus brought down the building’s wards, quietly enough so as not to alert anyone. I crafted some explosive bullets, and Vengeful Dreaming Shadow snuck into the building. When entering the penthouse, he accidentally triggered the door chime, and combat ensued.

Adventure log 3
By Nataxo

From what I can tell, the fight started to go badly, but I don’t remember any of it happening. Regardless, Vengeful Dreaming Shadow was able to disable the robot, grab it, and escape. We met up and used the Agata Sesus had previously summoned to teleport to another city, from which we just took a plane home.

Over the next month, Sesus reprogrammed the robot and put a demon in it. Gil interrogated Silk & Metal Sage, but he didn’t seem to acquire any useful information, like what her plans were. I didn’t really want to dwell long on that, so I decided to try out the astrological arts Leaping Silhouette taught me.

Once he was done with the robot, Sesus wanted to lure Chung Jone into a trap and turn him to his own ends. To do so, he wanted the assistance of his raksha ally, Lord Empousa. We set off for the Middlemarches of the Wyld to seek out Lord Empousa’s castle.

Once we arrived, the guards granted us entry. Lord Empousa’s servants tried to tempt us as we waited, but we were able to resist. After some waiting, we were granted an audience. The raksha kept trying to teach us Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style – he seems to have some sort of teaching fetish. Sesus used this to convince Lord Empousa to help us, by promising that once Jone was turned, he would become Lord Empousa’s newest student.

Jone took the bait, and he was spotted by Lord Empousa’s hunters, charging through the Middlemarches with a small army. He had what appeared to be his four lieutenants, each wearing what appeared to be a small mech, along with sixteen or so more mundane soldiers. Because Jone and his men were decked out in iron armor, and presumably using guns with iron bullets, Lord Empousa’s hunters did not engage, so it came to us to deal with.

Lord Empousa tried to talk Jone down, using his reprogrammed wife to tug on his heartstrings. Unfortunately, Jone decided to start shooting. Lord Empousa summoned a castle, which we then teleported to (using Agata), and from there we launched our own attack on Jone and his men.

Adventure log 4
By Nataxo

Combat progressed, full of blood, sweat, and prose
But finally we, now as victors, arose

OK, that’s enough of that. After the fight, Lord Empousa went to work brainwashing Chung Jone. Once that was completed, Jone told us what he knew. Silk and Steel Sage came to him, needing the essence EMP bomb created. He told us that she had been gathering up lots of earth-moving equipment up in the Haslanti Confederation, near a city called Windcreche. He also gave us the plans for the essence EMP and the mechs his lieutenants were piloting.

We left Jone with Lord Empousa and headed home. We didn’t have enough Agata to transport both ourselves and all of our prisoners (the surviving lieutenants and thugs), so Sesus stayed behind for a few days to summon more.

Once we were home, we did some research, and we were able to acquire the GPS coordinates for Silk and Steel Sage’s dig site. The dig site apparently uncovered some ancient ruins, dating back to the First Age.

At this point, we needed to resume the questioning of Silk and Steel Sage. She told us that she believes the ruins contain an arsenal of weapons, which she wanted to use to establish a power base in the Underworld. She left a team of mercenaries to guard the dig site, but she was supposed to return weeks ago, so who knows what they may have done by now. They may have even started working for the Grass Spider, another group interested in the ruins. The Grass Spider is a group that deals in arms and secrets, and it has a particular interest in weapons from before the Primordial War.

We disagreed about whether or not it would be safe to bring Silk and Steel Sage with us to the dig site, and someone brought up the idea of using a magically-binding contract to prevent either party from betraying the other. However, the only person in town who is able to create such a contract is the Princess of Meruvia, who is also a powerful Infernal. So, our next task is to figure out what we can offer the Princess in exchange for this service.

Adventure log 5
By Nataxo

We abandoned the plan to deal with the Princess, and Sesus just summoned an Aalu to make the contract magically-binding. With that decided, we traveled up to the Hastalani League in Gil’s private jet, along with Silk & Steel Sage. Once we got near Windcreche, a blizzard hot, but the pilot was able to land the plane at the Windcreche airport, from which we rented a van and drove to Windcreche proper.

We asked around town, and we found that fate glitches had started coming from the nearby mining town of Crystal about a month ago. The Hastalani military came in to declare martial law and secure the mining town. Of course, that mining town is where Silk & Steel Sage’s dig site is.

Further investigation found that the Hastalani military has been on alert after two military groups had tried to gain access to the site. One of those groups was Artemis Global Securities, the private military contractor hired by Silk & Steel Sage. We also found that the site was secured by an infantry company of 180 men and a combat engineering squadron of 240 men, under the command of five Dragon-Blooded, each of which is approximately 3 Essence.

We hired a local to drive us out to Crystal. After about a day and a half, things started getting odd. The road was zigzagging in illogical ways, trees were growing in odd angles – basically everything was bent. Sesus explained that those are signs of the site of an uncapped essence well. Continuing onward, Silk & Steel Sage spotted an aerial drone carrying some sort of payload. This freaked out the driver, so we clambered out of the van before he fled back to Windcreche. Silk & Steel Sage disappeared, and Sesus and Gil ran toward the dig site with their Infernal super-speed. Before they left, I handed Gil a camera to wear over his ear, as I wanted to see what stupid stuff he got himself into. Vengeful Dreaming Shadow and I snuck through the forest.

Down the road, Sesus spotted a trio of APCs, and so he hid from them. Gil, of course, simply charged them as they demanded that he halt, as “this is a restricted area”. I wasn’t actually there, but the footage was somewhat spectacular. Gil smashed down on one of the APCs, destroyed the gun turrets, and captured the soldiers inside. The other APCs fled back to the dig site, though.

We met up (including Silk & Steel Sage) and began planning and interrogating the soldiers. Vengeful Dreaming Shadow forged some documents, and Sesus went in with a demon translator. The Dragon-Blooded questioned him and did not believe his story, so combat broke out.

Adventure log 6
By Nataxo

Sesus introduced himself to the Dragon-Blooded and spun a tale about looking to buy the mine and the land around it. They were initially suspicious, but they released him and the rest of us (minus Gil) entered the camp.

Not long after, a Hastalani diplomat arrived in a jet piloted by Captain Geir Falkman. I didn’t recognize the name, but apparently he’s an Infernal, and he outed Sesus as one. Surprisingly, things did not go south from there. Sesus negotiated with the diplomat, Shadow snuck around to assess the camp, and I established a rapport with the soldiers. While tailing Geir, Shadow saw a man with starmetal daiklaves suddenly appear, and Geir demanded a status report. The new guy said the Dragon-Blooded had been unable to breach the vault, but they would given time. However, someone had previously entered the mine, and had not returned. After this guy disappeared, Shadow left and shared this with us.

We went to the mine, and the Dragon-Blooded explained it was off limits until the supports could be improved, because of a previous collapse. The air aspect explained that the mine had produced some jade tainted with something. Sesus recognized it as an allow of jade and adamant; the air aspect excitedly told us that it may be a sixth magical material, so they don’t seem to already know about adamant.

Sesus and Geir apparently worked out some sort of deal, and Geir went outside the camp to “negotiate” with Gil. They also came to a deal, and Geir used shadow teleportation power to get all of us into the mine after speaking with the Dragon-Blooded. At the end of the mine tunnel was a large door braced with an adamant bar. We used the essence EMP to disable the door’s wards, and Gil and Sesus broke through the bar.

We entered to find a vault containing brass statues, each one depicting a Solar wielding artifacts. One statue was smashed, and as we continued on, another statue stepped forward and demanded identification. Sesus figured out that a caste mark was once used as identification, so we displayed those. My Sidereal caste mark was accepted, but the Abyssal and Infernal marks were not, so we had to fight past the brass men.

Past the hall of statues was a septagonal room containing a gold statue of a four-armed man bearing a horn, a spear, an olive branch, and a shield – the Unconquered Sun. Five hallways each bearing a Solar caste mark led away, and a sixth hallway was covered in an illusion. Past the door at the end of the hallway were two men speaking in Old Realm – one with robes and a staff, the other older and in heavy armor. Shadow and Sesus snuck forward, and Sesus discovered that these men were both Essence 5. The men were discussing how to break something – presumably, the cage holding the giant adamant crystal behind them.

Adventure log 7
By Nataxo

We discussed some plans of how to deal with the powerful Exalts up ahead, while they continued discussing how to open the cage. Our planning ended when the armored man began concentrating, causing reality to flicker about him. This prompted us to rush in and attack.

During the fight, the armored man offered no offense, simply concentrating on whatever he was doing. The unarmored man revealed himself to be a Sidereal when he entered the Four Magical Materials Form. Despite our efforts, the two men were able to withstand our attacks long enough, and the armored man imploded upon himself, causing the giant adamant crystal to begin cracking open. The Sidereal escaped into Fate, and the rest of us (minus Gil, of course) fled the room before the crystal blew. After it detonated, we went back in, but there was nothing left except Gil and broken shards of adamant.

With no sign of the two Exalts, we went off to the Unconquered Sun room and explore the other rooms. The Twilight Caste room was a workshop that had been cleaved in two by tectonic activity. Of what remained, there was a bookcase containing ancient books about how to magically defy gravity. Sesus excitedly set up a makeshift restoration lab as the rest of us continued exploring.

The Night Caste room was just the barracks. The Eclipse Caste room opened into a massive chamber containing a partially-buried, upturned, orichalcum battleship. Geir and Silk & Steel Sage examined it, and determined that pretty much every system on the ship was broken, and there didn’t seem to be any apparent way to get it out.

Continuing on, the Dawn Caste room was, finally, the armory. It was mostly empty, but we were able to find about twenty essence cannons in various states of operation. There was also a massive golden mech, missing its armor and right arm. The Zenith Caste room contained altars to the 8 Incarna. After completing our search, we returned to the Twilight Caste room to discuss how to divvy up the loot.

Adventure log 8
By Nataxo

After a bit of downtime, it was time to fulfill our promise to Silk & Steel Sage, and help her claim part of the Underworld. The most straightforward way to enter the Underworld is apparently by crossing though a Shadowland. This is a place that exists in Creation during the day and in the Underworld at night. Sesus suggested that we should take over the Underworld analogue of Seiyo, his homeland. That meant the Shadowlands we could travel through were the Bayou of Endless Regret or the Field of Bloodied Bulls. Since the Bayou would put us between the manses of two Deathlords, Gil suggested that we should use the Field.

After flying though the Field of Bloodied Bulls in the plane Sesus enchanted, we did some scouting around and found an… interesting sight. A large pyramid, build of Underworld basalt, stood piercing the skull of a mile-long dragon skeleton. This was something that we had to investigate. So, the ship landed in a nearby field, and Vengeful Dreaming Shadow, Silk & Steel Sage, and I went to investigate. The pyramid was the center of a small city, where workers were digging up dragon parts and bringing them to the pyramid. Overseeing the workers and guarding the pyramid were green-skinned humanoids – possibly Lintha, the first humanoids.

We were able to sneak past them and follow the workers, and we came to a room where a giant bolt of black lightning was being absorbed by a spire above. We climbed up and searched some more. We came to a room where a human in a lab coat was working on consoles that looked like some combination of corpses, old early computers, and crystals. He demanded something from the guards in Ancient Sijan, so we didn’t understand it, but Vengeful Dreaming Shadow at least had the thought to record it.

We considered killing him, but we weren’t sure what that would do to the giant essence capacitor. So instead, we snuck back out, and Sesus crafted an essence battery, and Vengeful Dreaming Shadow went back in to swap it for the charged battery inside. We then began planning a campaign of manipulation and propaganda to try to take over the city without combat.

Adventure log 9
By Nataxo

After a bit more discussion, we decided that all of us except Gil would sneak into the tower to capture the scientist. We were discovered by four Lintha guards, but Sesus was able to slow them and we quickly dispatched them.

Once we got to the laboratory, I listened to the Unspoken Word to determine where the scientist was, and we snuck up there in between guard patrols. Vengeful Dreaming Shadow used his powers of trickery to impersonate a guard and convince the scientist to open the door. Once the door was opened, the scientist realized what had happened, leaped the entire length of his lab, and began casting a spell. Turns out, not only is this guy an Abyssal, he’s an Essence 5 Abyssal.

While this was happening, Gil was providing a distraction. I’m not sure exactly what he did, but he mentioned something about a golf cart, and the tower shook with an earth-shattering kaboom.

During the ensuing combat, we fought a number a plague zombies, but we were able to wear down the Abyssal eventually. I did, however, almost get choked to unconsciousness. Near the end of the fight, the Abyssal broke through the wall of the tower, leapt out, and began sliding down the wall of the tower. Vengeful Dreaming Shadow leapt after him and was able to knock him out, though they both hit the ground immediately after. Vengeful Dreaming Shadow was fine, and the Abyssal somehow survived the fall.

Sesus, Silk, and I began mopping up the remaining plague zombies and preparing to leave. Gil and Vengeful Dreaming Shadow, on the other hand, we surrounded by about a hundred Lintha guards. The ghosts mobbed them, but Vengeful Dreaming Shadow was able to escape with the body of the Abyssal, and Gil fought his way to the commander of the ghosts, a Nephwrack Lintha (whatever that is), and engaged it in single combat.


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