Alchemical Exalted

Guyver fan art by spartan316

Reverse engineering the human mind
Only a matter of time
That this fractal design
Emerges electronic life with
Prophetic symbology and
Modern technology

Leftover weapons from a war long since lost, Alchemical Exaltation were relaunched into the world when a terrorist attack tore through the Heptagram, launching the cores out to find new hosts, and continue a fight long since lost. There are those, however, who are unhappy with this loss, and will do anything to get those cores back.

The Alchemical Exaltation appears as a large gemstone overlaid with a fractal matrix of metallic fibers. When tounched by a worth candidate, the the Exaltation bonds permanently to one of the chakra point on its new host, extending filaments throughout her body and resonating with her Essence. It cannot be removed while she lives.

The Mechanized might of the Alchemical Exalted

The Alchimcal Exalted channel the lost might of lost Autochonthon. Their greatist might, however, is their flexibility. Each Alchemical revives knowledge of all the Excellencies, and 6 free charm slots that can only be used for Excellencies of Favored or Caste Attributes.

Alchemical Exalted

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