Attire of the Elusive Operative

An improved form of Silken Armor, this artifact is interwoven with fallen strands cut from the loom of fate. Those who wear the Attire of the Elusive Operative are literally clothed in destinies of silence, concealment, and avoidance. When properly attuned, these multitudinous threads of fate shroud the wearer even from the actions of the loom itself. The eyes and minds of others tend to slide off of them, and sounds they make fail to draw attention. Those who do notice the wearer find them difficult to perceive—an indistinct figure in charcoal-grey clothing whose cut and pattern seem to subtly shift and flow. Often this effect is likened to viewing someone through a fog or a mass of shadows, although upon reflection the observer realizes that neither fog nor shadows were present. In fact, all sensory impressions of the wearer are muted—even physical contact feels somehow ephemeral, like a half-remembered dream. So great is the power of the suit’s combined destinies that damaging effects do less harm to the wearer, as the least god responsible for applying that harm fails to notice their presence or loses track of them partway through.

Composed partly of fate, only those capable of crafting a Resplendent Destiny can attune to the armor. This requires a commitment of 4 motes, and allows the wearer to activate the armor’s fate-shaping properties as though donning a Resplendent Destiny. (Requiring a speed 3 miscellaneous action and 1 point of temporary willpower as normal, and a speed 3 miscellaneous action to remove.) While active, the Attire of the Elusive Operative adds four dice to the wearer’s stealth rolls, and increases their soak and hardness (Bashing and Lethal) by 2. As with normal Silken Armor, this protection does not interfere with Martial Arts styles.

So long as this armor is attuned, it counts against the number of destinies that may be worn or carried by the owner, as appropriate.

    Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune Tags
+7L/+5B      +2     -1*       0   •••      4

*Attunement removes this penalty.

Balancing Notes:

Silken Armor is a 2-dot artifact that provides +5L/+3B soak which does not interfere with martial arts, and costs 2 motes to attune—as though it’s artifact rating were one dot less. It can be worn without attunement, but in this case the wearer suffers a -1 mobility penalty.

We then make the following modifications:

+2 soak & hardness (+•)
+4 dice on stealth rolls (+••)
Counts against worn/carried resplendent destinies (- •)
Must be Donned/Shucked as a resplendent destiny (- •)

Adding up the bonuses and restrictions leaves us at artifact 3, and since the base item’s attunement cost is calculated as though it’s rating were one dot lower, it costs 5 motes to attune. (The same as a two-dot artifact)

Finally, we add the slight drawback that it can only be attuned by those able to craft resplendent destinies. This isn’t quite worth a full dot, so in exchange we lower the attunement cost by 1, for a total of 4.

Attire of the Elusive Operative

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