Charms of the All-Father Devil Tiger

New Keywords:

Desecration: As a special note, any creature affected by a Desecration effect created by the Charms of Sesus Udete count as Children of the All-Father as an additional effect. This status is lost if all mutations granted through a Desecration effect are removed.

Charm Concept: Moderate growth
Areas that do not qualify for Places of Desolation or Verdant Landscapes are referred to as areas of moderate growth. The Wyld always counts as an area of moderate growth, as does most of the Demon City simply due to the suffusion of living Essence.

Charm Concept: Verdant Landscape
Just as Cecelyne’s powers focus on places of desolation, Sesus’ focus on Verdant Landscapes. Verdant landscapes are areas which are teeming with life. This is defined as any landscape that has been under the effects of Benedict of Archgenesis for more than a season, or an equivalent or greater amount of life.
By default, the East and much of the lush Blessed Isle qualify. However, this also includes a large kelp-bed in the West, the backs (or even inside) massive behemoths, as well as any forest or oasis that has a radius greater than a mile.
This doesn’t mean the place can’t be dangerous, but merely that there must be large amounts of life. The forests in the furthest East are hostile, filled with poisons and beasts of terrible power, but they qualify as Verdant Landscapes nonetheless.
Places of Desolation espoused by Cecelyne’s charms never qualify, neither do cities unless they have been specifically built to include life, Shadowlands never qualify, let alone the Underworld.

New Keyword: Verdant
Charms with this keyword are dependant upon the saturating power of life. In areas of Desolation, increase the cost of the charm by 1 wp.
In Verdant Landscapes, reduce the cost of the charm by 1 wp or, if the charm costs no willpower, by 3m.
This may not reduce the cost of a charm below 1m.
It takes the equivalent of 5 years of growth with an effect like Walk of Life to bring a place of desolation to an area of moderate growth, it takes the equivalent of 10 years from effects like Walk of Life to bring an area of moderate growth to a Verdant Landscape.

The invulnerability of Sesus draws from the vast resevoirs of power and life around him to fuel it. Charms with this imperfection operate normally while within Verdant Landscapes.
In areas of moderate growth, increase the cost of a charm with this flaw by 3m.
A charm with this flaw fails to work in Places of Desolation.

Host: Charm’s bearing this Keyword draw upon an Exalt’s pool of diseases granted by Life-Honoring Embrace.

The Torment of Sesus Udete: When a character reaches Limit 10 and falls under the effects of this Torment, he finds himself doubting his abilities to teach and protect, and the ability of others to learn from his teachings. The Torment of Sesus Udete is identical to the Curse of the Mother Hen (MoEP: Lunars, Pg 122).

Worst of all, those who interact with the Infernal find their confidence compromised. If their Dodge MDV is less then the Infernal’s (Essence + Conviction), they find themselves under the effect of the Curse of the Whipped Dog (MoEP: Lunars, Pg 122). Both these forms of Torment last for one full day.

WORTHY OPPONENT ENCOURAGEMENT: Sesus does not merely want that which he cares about to grow and adapt, to reach its greatest potential, he wants everything to be at its greatest before it is integrated into his design, or, if it must, be extinguished.
For every scene a warlock spends teaching, training, or making a known enemy (who is a legitimate threat to either the Infernal or their plans) stronger in any notable way, the Infernal may roll the lesser of their Compassion or Conviction, each success reduces accumulated Limit by one (minimum zero). The enemy does not necessarily need to know who the Infernal is during the teaching, and the growth may be something such as teaching the character to grow past guilt by killing their family, but the act must either be directly beneficial to the enemy, or not a major detriment, no blowing up their kingdom to teach them how to move past that. If teaching this enemy goes against the Infernal’s motivation they do not gain limit as normal.

Cost: 1m per die; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker; Step 2 for defender)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None

Sesus Udete: The All-Father is a being of boundless energy who grants his power willingly to all. He loves competition for the skill and passion it creates. Sesus Udete views those less then him as his children and those equal to him as his siblings. He believes children should take after their parents and endeavors to make sure they are doing what they need to. Sesus is a strict parent and will not accept any disobedience from his children. Seeking to defend what he loves, the All-Father will shelter it with his very body. He consistently seeks to improve upon his own glories, unable to see past the potential for what could have been; it is his nature to eternally strive for something greater than himself. Unlike many of his kin, Sesus Udete does not scorn the Raksha, but pities their impermanent state, even as he admires the diversity of the Wyld.

Character may apply this Charm to any action taken to resist unwanted alterations to the self and to create life and life-based crafts. This Charm may also be used to enhance any action taken to win a competition or to help others succeed at their own goals. It can also be used to discipline any wayward children. The All-Father can be no one’s follower. All leadership actions may also benefit when directed to those ends. Most importantly, it will only function when the warlock’s actions fall within the ideals embodied by their unwavering Conviction. Judgment is at the Storyteller’s discretion, but a helpful starting point would be if the character had to suppress Conviction to act. The Excellency of the All-Father will help one adapt to and survive in ones current environment.
Finally, this charm may always be used while within a berserk fury. This fury cannot be flippant or unprovoked, Sesus’ power writes vibrant significances into the universe, and as such, actions which break down ordered systems or have a long term goal of net destruction of life may not be enhanced by this charm.

Cost: —; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Native
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: First Sesus Udete Excellency
Flurries of productivity are the strength of the All-Father, multiple things at once, done perfectly. Speed is not the word, but rather, acting in multiple instances at once in ways few can understand.
Reduce the penalty of Flurries by a number equal to the Infernals stunt dice in addition to the other rewards of the stunt.

Cost: —; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Sorcerous
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: First Sesus Udete Excellency

The All-Father’s power resonates with life itself and his sorcery reflects this. Spells that deal with life or have life-like imagery cost 10 motes and one Willpower less than usual (minimum cost 5 motes and one Willpower). Examples include Becoming the Wood Friend, Benediction of Archgenesis, Blood Lash, Calling the Stalwart Servitor, Dance of the Smoke Cobras, Dragon of Smoke and Flame, Flight of Separation, Flight of the Brilliant Raptor, etc. Alas, as such spells are an embodiment of the stagnation and entropy that is his antithesis, sorcery also cannot be accessed through this Charm to replicate Necromantic effects at any level or while existing as a Creature of Death.

Cost: —; Mins: Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Native
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: First Sesus Udete Excellency

Sesus draws his strength from his people, from his plans and designs, from those that support him just as he supports them. Denying this, fighting this, denies someone its power.
Whenever the Infernal acts against their Motivation, roll their Essence, gaining successes in Limit. If the Infernal acts against an Intimacy, the Infernal instead gains one flat point of Limit. Only one of each may happen per scene.

Cost: —; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Host
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None
Sesus Udete’s hardiness comes not by destroying intruders, but through becoming one with them. Upon learning this Charm, the Infernal automatically fails any Virulence roll to resist Sickness effects. Luckily, this Charm also allows the Infernal to automatically force any natural disease into dormancy. The Infernal still counts as being infected with this disease for the purpose of Charms that detect or cure Sickness effects, but otherwise the disease has no apparent effect on the Infernal or anyone who comes in contact with him. A second purchase at Essence 4 causes magical diseases to become dormant. Even the Great Contagion in its most dangerous form would quickly come under the sway of the All-Father. He also gains the following:

  • Reduce the difficulty of all Athletics rolls in Verdant Landscapes by (Essence), to a minimum of 1.
  • The character may now climb at their full Move and Dash speeds.
  • As an innate power, whenever touching a plant the character may reflexively pay a mote to encourage growth. For every mote spent, treat it as if the plant had grown a month under perfect conditions. This growth happens over the course of the scene.

Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious, Sorcerous
Duration: Permanent (Instant)
Prerequisites: Gardner of Life
Sesus is not merely a denizen of the world, nor is he a part of it, he is its artisan and its master. Others may guide him or influence him, but here he is king.
Upon learning this charm, the character permanently improves their abilities in the following ways:

  • When within a Verdant Landscape, the character increases all movement speeds by (Essence) yards. This includes the speeds of any mounts they may be riding.
  • The life of the world knows her, and she knows it. The character automatically succeeds any attempts to survive within a Verdant Landscape no matter how hostile and (Essence) bonus successes to help any others survive.

The exalt also gains the ability to Reflexively pay 3 motes to empower plants with his essence, the plant requires much less sunlight, water and other nutrients and can grow in cramped places and awkward positions. This allows pine trees to be grown in a barren desert, and small trees can grow in the darkest jungle. Plants that would normally require the Wyld to survive can also be reinforced with this essence to grown in Creation. This is an instantaneous effect and the motes are not committed. This is the only Sorcerous effect of this charm.

Cost: 10m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Host, Obvious, Sickness
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Life-Honoring Embrace

To the All-Father, the body is both clay and a tool: malleable and made to be used. One way in which he evokes this truth is through this rather odd Charm. By transforming one of his arms into five, snake-like appendages and twisting them into a vague mockery of a hand, he may spread the smallest of his adopted children through the touch of a fanged “finger.” Upon making a successful injection attack with this arm, the Infernal may reflexively transfer a suppressed disease to the target for (Virulence) motes as an innate power and a Sickness effect. Upon transferring a disease, it leaves the Infernal’s body to it’s new host. Only one disease may be transferred per successful attack. The Infernal may choose to deal no damage when transferring a disease with an injection.

Injection: Speed 5, Accuracy (Dexterity + Medicine), Damage (Essence + Medicine) L, Rate 5, Tags: N.
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy (Dexterity + Medicine), Damage (Essence + Strength) B, Rate 1, Tags: C, N.

Cost: — (+2m); Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Host, Sickness
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Megadrilacea Arm Legion

By offering his own essence to feed his adopted children, the Infernal who knows this Charm may cause them to multiply at an astounding rate before sending them off to their new home. This Charm acts as an upgrade to Megadrilacea Arm Legion. When using Megadrilacea Arm Legion to inject a disease, the Infernal may pay a 2 mote surcharge to infect the target with the disease without transferring it.

Cost: – ; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Life-Honoring Embrace
No animal would attack a tree without reason, no animal will attack the forest itself, neither do animals fight the All-Father.
Natural animals don’t attack the Infernal on their own and if attacked, animals prefer to flee instead of attacking. Trained beasts balk at striking them, horses rear away rather than bring riders to attack, and wild animals ignore them unless cornered.
A natural animal may be provoked to attack them, but doing so is difficult. A character must make the proper roll to ‘control’ the animal at a difficulty of the Infernals Essence.
The Infernal may also communicate with natural animals as if they shared a common language.
This attunement to the beasts makes the character more feral looking in subtle ways, their eyes shift slightly, their nails and teeth sharpen or whatever else is appropriate to the character. These changes can be noticed and identified with an appropriate Perception + Occult roll at a difficulty of (10-Infernals Essence).
At Essence 3+ expands it to apply to magical beasts, and at Ess. 5+ it includes Behemoths.

Cost: 15m 1wp 1+xp; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Touch, Sorcerous
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Friend of Beasts
Resting their hands on the animals head, the Infernal spends a number of hours in communion with the animal as the desired Familiar rating, their thoughts and animas synching.
This charm only requires that the animal sit still long enough for this charm to work. This charm is a dramatic action requiring an hour of close contact with the animal. It increases the Exalt’s Familiar Background by one dot per hour, to a maximum of five. When the Exalt’s Familiar Background reaches a sufficient level to have the animal as a Familiar, it becomes theirs and they expend 1xp per dot of Familiar gained. A character using this charm may have up to (Essence) Familiars at one time. Using this charm while the character already has the maximum number of Familiars magically removes a Familiar background of the characters choice. This charm may work on unwilling animals, but increase the mote cost by 10m. An animal turned into a Familiar with this charm automatically gains an unbreakable Loyalty towards the Infernal.
A repurchase of this charm at Essence 3+ removes the Sorcerous tag.

Cost: – ; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Touch, Sorcerous
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Master of Beasts
Creatures that manipulate essence or are ‘unnatural’ are no more strange or unknowable to Sesus than a rare flower, or the nature of reality. For they are all his children, and they may know the joy of being tied to him.
This charm permanently enhances Master of Beasts, making essence-using and Wyld-only creatures viable targets, such creatures require another application of Master of Beasts beyond what their size and dangerousness would normally require.
At Essence 4+, even Behemoths with an Essence less than the Infernals are viable targets for Master of Beasts.
Also, any living being that the Infernal creates, sires or in any other way had a large hand in the creation of is a viable target for Master of Beasts.

Cost: —; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Native, Overdrive
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

A simple truth lies at the core of the All-Father’s vitality: when fighting for what he loves, his power is endless. This Charm grants the character an additional ten-mote peripheral Essence Pool in accordance with the Overdrive Keyword. Whenever someone the Infernal bears a positive Intimacy towards is targeted with an effect intended to harm them against his will that the Warlock is aware of, he gains 1 mote that is used to fill this pool, to a maximum of 5 per Tick. This Charm does not generate motes when the damage is self-inflicted or caused by the Infernal himself. Any motes left over in this pool are lost at the end of a Scene

Cost: —; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Native, Reactor
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Kin-Defending Fervor

Any attempt to harm Sesus Udete through his loved ones will serve only to make him stronger. Whenever the Infernal prevents the bearer of a positive Intimacy from being hit with an attack (such as through a Defend Other Action), he gains one mote; or If the target has a lower Essence than the Infernal, then (the Infernal’s Essence minus the target’s Essence) motes. This Charm has the same limitations on activation as Kin-Defending Fervor.

Cost: – ; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Friend of Beasts
The All-Father is more than its trees, more than its occult fates, it is also the animals, the creatures inside, it lives and it breaths, as does all within it.
This charm expands any Sesus charm that specifies plant life to include animal life as well.
Charms that allow the character to heal or grow plants may also heal animals or accelerate their growth at the same rate.
Mortals and essence users are instead rendered immune to disease for a number of months that they would otherwise have grown.
Downgrade the healing magic intended for plants by one level (Aggravated → Lethal → Bashing → No healing) and halve it when applying it to mortals and essence users.
Charms similar to Walk of Life and its derivatives do not spontaneously generate animals instead of plants, but may spawn them in addition to the plants if the character wishes. This is limited to animals smaller than a housecat with Walk of Life, but longer lasting or outright more powerful abilities can bring larger animals into being.

Cost: 6m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Obvious, Shaping, Verdant
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: Sap is Blood and Bone is Bark
Growth, life, healing, plans, these are the greatest of Sesus’ works. They are his gifts to the world, and they come easiest to his power.
As long as the character commits the motes to the task, they are considered to have all the necessary tools, assistants, and workshop to create, encourage, alter, or preserve life as well as to teach or plan.
This includes the majority of Medicine and Craft (Genesis) rolls, but it also includes those to make a plow for a farm, to make an irrigation system, to distribute food, or to build an artifact to improve peoples life.
Most artifacts and tools qualify, but anything that the Abyssal charm Frenzied Forge Within would accelerate the creation of is inapplicable for the purposes of this charm.
Reduce the time interval of the action by one step (Years to seasons to months to weeks to days to hours to minutes to 5 seconds). This explicitly stacks with whatever other means of accelerating their actions a character has.
Reduce the necessary Resources costs of such projects by (Essence/2), to a minimum of 0.
At Essence 4, this charm provides the equivalent of Perfect tools and an ideal workshop for the action.
*This charm is added to the charms that may be purchased as prerequisites to Unsurpassed Devil-Craft

Cost: – ; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Artisan of Life
Sesus is unsurpassed in the craft of life, in a way that few can understand. Muscles and tendons flow and knit, cells change and shift, tissue changes to achieve function with little effort.
This charm has the following effects:

  • The character may cap any wood-aspect or Infernal-aspected demense with a manse rated one dot higher than the demense. Otherwise this is identical to the effect mentioned by the Lawgiver Charm Design Beyond Limit.
  • The character gains (Essence) bonus Creation points when working with a manse that has the Living 1-point trait.
  • The character treats Genesis works as one dot lower for the purposes of ability minimums, difficulty, and required number of successes. This has no effect on 1-dot or N/A rated works. This explicitly allows the character to make a Rating 5 Genesis creature breed true.
  • When working upon things that fall under Artisan of Life, reduce the Difficulty by 1.

Cost: Varies (See Text); Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Obvious, Shaping
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: Life-Honoring Embrace
The power of the All-Father overflows into the world around him, and unlike the destructive champions of the void, or even the bleaching glory of the chosen of the Sun, this power brings life to desolation.
Upon learning this charm, the character radiates an aura of living power, its strength enough to cause spontaneous genesis.
All plants within (Essence) yards of the character grow at unbelievable rates, for every minute spent in this aura, a plant grows as if a month has passed. All living plants within this aura heal (Essence) levels of damage per action. This will heal heal most plants (or plant-artifacts) within several minutes.
This may create life from nothing, but not raise things from the dead. Wilted plants may be restored to perfect vitality and health, but dead plants are consumed in the growth of the others.
In the wastes of the desert, saplings sprout from the characters footsteps, a wake of grass and flowers shoots up in their wake. In the far reaches of the West plankton spontaneously form in the waters, algae begins to form and cluster together, kelp begins to grow in the waves.
This power does not work in Shadowlands until the character is Essence 5+, and will never work in the Underworld. It will work in magically created areas of desolation as long as the Infernal’s essence exceeds that of the areas creator.
As a simple charm activation (5 ticks/ -2DV) The infernal may either negate this charms effects, or enhance them.

  • In order to negate the charm, the infernal may shield the world from his energies by creating a shield with (Essence) motes. While these motes remain committed, the effects of this charm and any charms that use its radius are negated. This charm ceases to be Obvious as long as it is suppressed.
  • To enhance the effect, the Infernal must instead commit (Essence x 2) motes, intentionally burning power to warm the world with their energy. While these motes remain committed, increase the area of effect to (Essence x 10) yards and the acceleration of growth becomes (Essence/2) months per minute spent in the area.
    Life spontaneously generated by this charm is not able to survive in areas it would normally not be able to and will wither and die in time.
    A character with Master of the Jungle may commit 2 motes to grant all life generated by it the same effects as Master of the Jungle’s instant effect.
    Channeling the essence of death becomes excruciatingly painful. If the Infernal casts any necromancy spells, they must pay (Spells circle x 2) Ahl’s in addition to any other costs of the spell. This effect is not negated by creating a shield against the outside world.
    Necromancy and the attacks of Creatures of Death with an equal or higher essence to the character do Aggravated damage to the Infernal unless this charm is negated.
    At Essence 4+, life generated by this charm has a certain… otherworldness to it. Grass sings songs in the breeze that are heard in the soul, flowers bloom in all the colors of sound, and trees show touches of crystal. These effects are personalized to the area and the Infernal, but can not be mistaken for natural even after the Infernal has left.
    Life generated by this charm is not damaging to structures.

Cost: 8m (11m); Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive (Step 7)
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Walk of Life
The thought of lasting damage to his fountain of life makes Sesus laugh.
The attack seems to damage the All-Father normally, seemingly wounding or even killing the Infernal. This is a lie. A fountain-head of living power, the “damage” is healed completely and effectively instantly as the Infernal grows back from whatever damage was done.
This is suitably spectacular if the character was staring down effects such as Total Annihilation.
This charm is a perfect soak, reducing the negating all damage an effect should inflict to zero after all other effects.
A repurchase of this charm at Essence 4+ allows the character to instead pay 11 motes and extend the duration of this charm to a single tick. Perfectly soaking all damage done to the infernal that tick.
This charm is vulnerable to the Imperfection of the All-Father.

Cost: 15m 1wp 1Ahl; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple (Hour long Dramatic action)
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Shaping, Sorcerous, Blashpemous, Verdant
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Walk of Life, Sap is Blood and Bone is Bark
Planting their feet solidly into the ground, the Infernal takes a deep breath, drawing in their power. Then, flexing the muscles of their form and flesh and thought all at once, they send a pulse of Essence through the ground. There is a moment of silence, and the softest of sounds rings out, heard in the Hun and Po, it’s the smell of ones favorite dish. In the next instant, a wave of growth follows after the pulse, grass shooting up, vines curling along objects, and saplings sprouting from the ground, growing into trees at astounding rates, flowers of every color and shape imaginable (and then some) blooming in minutes.
By the end of the hour, all land within (Essence x 50) yards of the initiation point is considered a Verdant Landscape. Additionally, there is a (Essence x 100) yard ‘buffer zone’ of moderate growth outside of this. For every 200 yards of diameter of the inner area, the pulse pulls another freshwater spring out of the ground, given reality through essence.
The forest formed by this charm is more than life, it’s an extension of the All-Father’s design, a basic fractal pattern of life, fate, and essence woven into the very motonic substructure of the area, changing the substructure of the world down to the bedrock.

  • Within this area, the cost of all Arcanoi increases by 1m, and the cost of Necromancy increases by 1wp.
  • Areas created in this way generate one Exotic ingredient per year for every purchase of Esoteric Law the Infernal has. These ingredients are set upon the creation of the Millennial Forest area and are to be vetted by the Storyteller, representing the specific Esoteric Law the character knows.
  • Over the course of a season, this charms diameter expands to (Essence) miles, this expands at one mile per season. The Verdant Landscape’s ‘buffer zone’ of (Essence x 100) yards expands with the Verdant Landscape. A re-application of this charm at the center of the area causes it to expand a single mile, this may only be done once a month.
  • The Infernal sets the difficulty of all Survival rolls in the area upon creation (Up to a maximum of their Essence). This may only be changed with another application of Millennial Forest Assumption.
  • This power has the same limitations as to where it may be used as Walk of Life. It will push out Holy Land Inflictions or Chirality Prohibition Index or similar effects created by lower Essence characters. It grows around settlements and the trees frame any existing pathways rather than interrupting them. This charm has no effect on Shadowlands until Essence 5+, but unlike Walk of Life, may work in the Underworld at Essence 8+. It will not expand into these areas.
  • If this charm is used in, or expands into, the Wyld, it becomes a part of Creation.
  • This charm is explicitly compatible with Chirality Prohibition Index if applied at the same time or by the same character. This limits the viable patterns of CPI to fractal patterns.
  • Life already in the area is subsumed, and the forest may shift and change as the miles progress. As a general rule, areas that were already Verdant Landscapes only become more alive, Deserts become steamy jungles, plains and savannas experience population booms and an increased number of trees, tundra becomes forests of frozen pines, and oceans may get kelp forests, the shallows gaining coral reefs.
    While this charm is sorcerous, it may only be counterspelled if the appropriate countermagic is cast at the exact center of the effect. This causes all life created by this effect to turn to ash and blows away at the next breeze. When the Verdant Landscape of this charm reaches a diameter of 10 miles it becomes a permanent Blasphemy and is immune to countermagic. Only the destruction of over 75% of the plants and animals in the Verdant Landscape can end the effects.
    This charm may not be used within 5 miles of a previous usage of Millennial Forest Assumption. However, if two Millennial Forest Assumptions grow into one another, the Infernal chooses which one grows around the other, creating an area within the greater jungle that provides different Exotic ingredients, as well as potentially having different beasts or Survival difficulties.

Cost: 1m (1wp); Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Touch, Training
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: Life-Honoring Embrace
Growth is a natural part of Sesus’ power, anything that can be done to encourage growth is only the best.
After touching a character, as long as the motes stay committed, the character reduces all training times by one interval (Years to seasons to months to weeks to days to hours to minutes to 5 seconds).
For every additional mote a character commits to a person, decrease the time interval by another step, to a maximum of 3 (Weeks to minutes).
A repurchase of this charm at Ess. 3+ allows the Infernal to affect a unit with a Magnitude of up to (Essence) with a single invocation of this charm.

Cost: 20m 1wp; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Obvious, Training
Duration: One Week
Prerequisites: Encouragement of Growth
Sesus does not only encourage growth, he encourages knowledge and lore with his power, a great teacher is he.
This charm functions identical to Harmonious Academic Method except as detailed here.
This charm may train Awareness, Bureaucracy, Compassion, Craft (any), Intelligence, Lore, Perception, Performance, Medicine, Temperance, or Occult. The character may train Specialties as well.
This may not train abilities above 4 until Ess 4+.

Cost: – ; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: None
Sesus is an artisan, a scholar, a lover, but one of his greatest strengths is his knowledge. His understanding of core truths of the world strengthens him and colors his perceptions of the world.
This charm may be purchased a number of times equal to the lowest of the characters Intelligence, Lore, Occult, or Essence. Every purchase of this charm provides one of the revelations below.

  • Nesting Instinct : Home is where the heart is, and one must always return home. The character may forever more unerringly find their way home as a perfect effect. This only allows them to find the quickest path home, not actually travel there. The character also respires an additional (essence) motes per hour while within their home. A character may only have one home at a time, and must live within one for a continuous month before it can be considered one. The character may now treat all manses as having the Magical Conveniences effect as favored (0 points), but may only add it (Demesne rating) times.
  • Truth in Love : For every Intimacy of Love that the character has, increase their MDV’s against effects that would contradict or betray these intimacies by one. This does not count against dice caps and is only limited by the number of Intimacies of Love the character has.
  • Tapestry of Destiny: One action, no matter how small, tugs at the strings of Fate, affecting all those around them. The character understands this truth in a way that only the Chosen of the Maidens may match.
    The character may learn Craft (Fate) without a teacher. The character treats all destinies, charms with the Fate keyword, and Astrology as Obvious to their senses. The Infernal is also immune to a Sidereals Arcane Fate even if the Infernal is not Outside Fate. The character may craft their own Loom of Fate for areas outside of Fate as a manse power, costing 1 creation point for every (Manse Rating) miles brought into the new system of Fate.
  • Weaver of Stories and Tales: What are the Stories of the Fair Folk before the plays, symphonies, and tales of Sesus?
    The character may now learn Craft (Glamour) without a teacher, and adds any dice learned to all rolls to shape the Wyld (such as with Constructive Convergence of Principles). These dice do not count as dice added from charms, but neither do they expand the dice-pools for the purposes of excellencies. If the character has a Grace forged for them or is otherwise capable of learning (and using) Craft (Glamour) from another source, these dice instead convert to automatic successes.
  • Variance of Poles: The character understands the variances between the elemental poles, hot and cold, fire, water, air, wood, and earth.
    Reduce the penalties and damage of mundane environmental effects like intense heat, cold, water pressure, fire, or thorns in dangerous underbrush by (Essence) to a minimum of 0. This does not affect non-damaging effects such as fog, and specifically excludes both falling damage and suffocation damage.

Cost: 1m (5m) ; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Esoteric Law
There are edges in the world, along the edge of a leaf, the edge of a sword, the edge of an eyelid, the edge of time, the edge of space.
Knowing these edges exist and perceiving them, the Infernal may skate across them, appearing to vanish, and reappear somewhere else to uninformed observers.
When activating this charm an Infernal may take a step, and then appear (Essence) yards away in any orientation they wish. This transportation may pass through walls, across gaps, and even straight up to on top of the roof. A character must be able to sense where they are slipping to, and if they attempt to phase into a solid object (such as when tricked into thinking there is a room where there isn’t one) they rebound, disappearing and reappearing in the same spot and suffering 1 level of Lethal damage, this damage may not be prevented in any way.
This movement may not be used through barriers against teleportation, or within areas warded against teleportation.
This charm is part of a characters Move action and may not be used in conjunction with a Dash until Essence 4+.
A repurchase of this charm at Essence 4+ allows the Infernal to extend the charms duration to a scene by paying 5m, the character may still only ‘jump’ once per action however.
This charm does not extend the distance a character is able to move with a Move or Dash action, but rather is part of such.

Cost: 5m, 1wp ; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Extra Action
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: First Sesus Excellency, Slipping Along the Occult Edge
Perceiving cracks in reality, the character exploits holes and tunnels that most are unaware even exist.
This charm is a magical Flurry containing a total number of physical attacks equal to (the number of times the Infernal has purchased Esoteric Law) + 2. These attacks bypass rate and suffer no multiple action penalties, while the flurry as a whole imposes a DV penalty equal to the highest penalty for any attack.
The Infernal makes these attacks by striking at the meeting points of their identity and the Shinma, the chaos, the elements, and the cycles of fate, fracturing the single strike into multiple ones that appear at the similar points in another beings Identity.
… there’s a reason this charm requires Esoteric Laws okay?
The Infernal makes a single attack roll which they compare to a separate defender with each attack in the flurry. Use of Sesus’ excellencies to enhance the first attack in this charm enhance all attacks without extra cost.
The first attack may be against any target within (Essence x 5) yards of the Infernal, but every subsequent attack must be against another target within 10 yards of the last. These attacks may not double back to strike already attacked targets.
Infernals with Essence 4+ may purchase this charm a second time. This allows the Infernals attacks to double back in the chain or, if enhanced with a Sesus Excellency, strike the same target without chaining.

Cost: – ; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Extra Action (Dramatic)
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Slipping Along the Occult Edge
The All-Father works his craft everywhere, anywhere, and any when within his borders, touching upon this, an Infernal may emulate this ability of the All-Father.
Normally, it is difficult, if not impossible to do two Dramatic Actions at once, this charm explicitly enables the possibility. The character may now perform (Essence) Dramatic Actions at a single time provided they are not on Tick-by-Tick or Long-Tick time.
A character may set up a ritual for a spell even as they work on crafting an artifact and practice their martial arts.
As long as the actions can reasonably be performed within (Essence x 50) yards of one another, the character may perform concurrent Dramatic Actions. This is… weird. Much in the way the Loom bends the minds of those accustomed to linear time, so does the Infernals ability to do this. They are always half-way there, half-way somewhere else. Sometimes seeming to disappear when their attention is not required only to reappear moments later when it is.
This splits the characters dice pools until the character purchases this charm again at Essence 4+.
Unfortunately, internalizing the ability to act in so many places at once for such extended periods of time not only acclimates them to such, but also makes it hard to keep their attention on a single project. The character suffers an internal penalty to any rolls equal to their own Essence for dramatic actions when they are not performing at least two dramatic actions at once.

Cost: 8m 1wp ; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Obvious, Sorcerous
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Arcane Assumption of Deed
Underneath his canopy of life and the arcane, Sesus may be wherever he is needed. And just as a man may part the hanging vines, Sesus may part the firmament of the world and step Beyond.
By focusing his essence and will, the character grips the powers of the life around them and uses it to part the curtains of reality around them.
At the end of the action that a character activates this charm, they teleport anywhere within (Essence) miles of their current location, provided that their starting point and end points are both within Verdant Landscapes.
However, in doing so, they step through the Beyond, a place where such little things as time, space, existence, and the current calibrations of the Shinma are useless. Because of this, it takes several moments for the Infernals essence patterns to readjust to Creations. After using this charm, the Infernal may not use any Essence for 10 ticks.
A repurchase of this charm at Essence 4+ allows the Infernal to bring along a unit of a magnitude no greater than their Essence. This increases the cost of this charm to 18m 1wp. Used in Mass Combat, this allows the Infernal to teleport a unit in a single Long-Tick.
At Essence 5+, as long as the start point is not within an Area of Desolation, this charm may be used, but doing so increases the cost of this charm by 2m.

Cost: – ; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Shaping
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Esoteric Law, Millennial Forest Assumption
The undergrowth of the All-Father is arcane, occult, and beautiful, this undergrowth is his art, his form, his craft, and his body.
This charm permanently enhances Millennial Forest Assumption. The specific enhancements depend on which purchases of Esoteric Law a character has. This charm is permanent, and needs only be purchased once.

  • Tapestry of Destiny: The character may pay an extra 3 motes when activating Millennial Forest Assumption to permanently remove the Blasphemous tag on the charm.
  • Weaver of Stories and Tales: The character may Wyld Shape within Verdant Landscapes created by Millennial Forest Assumption as if they were within the Middlemarches. They may not create land or demesnes within the landscape, they may create demesnes within the Verdant Landscape at Essence 6+.
  • Variance of Poles: The plants of their forests are inoculated against the powers of the elements, from fire, to ice, to steel. All major plant life within the Verdant Landcape increases their soak by (Essence x 3)B / (Essence x 2)L and a hardness equal to (Essence x 2)B / (Essence)L.
  • Nesting Instinct : Characters with homes within the Millenial Forest Assumption benefit from the effects of Nesting Instinct and treat the Survival difficulty of the forest as (Infernals Essence/2) lower.
  • Truth in Love : The power of love is woven into the very fabric of the forest, all characters within the forest must make Compassion rolls as if their Compassion was 3+. Enlightened characters may commit 2m to shield themselves from this effect for the duration of their stay.
    Players and ST’s should note that this makes societies and animals far more friendly and conflict far less likely in many situations.

Cost: —; Mins: Essence 6; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Walk of Life, Laws Etched Into Form
As the Infernal Exalted evolve ever closer to the pinnacle of Yozi power, their souls can grow too large to contain. The soul of an Infernal who learns this Charm distends grotesquely over the training time it takes to acquire, at the end of which the Exalt calls forth, vomits or otherwise appropriately births a new, subsidiary soul. While this subsidiary soul gestates, the Exalt appears to those that can detect such things as if his permanent Essence were one higher, but he in fact temporarily commits half of his total mote pool to the effort of bringing his new soul to term. This commitment and illusory jump in power ends when the component soul is born, and the Infernal thereafter possesses a weak soul hierarchy. The first such soul is nominally the fetich of the blossoming titan, though it is pitiable in comparison to a true Third Circle demon and possesses no component souls of its own. It is, however, a unique spirit in the same vein as any demonic soul. As this soul gestates it ties itself to one of the Infernal’s Intimacies,
taking it or a variation as its Motivation and purview, guiding how it functions and what it does. In turn, upon the birth of this soul, the Intimacy transforms into an inviolable second Motivation for the Exalt. Unnatural influence in direct conflict with this Motivation is considered an unacceptable order. This Motivation makes the Infernal inflexible; it must be identical to or a close extrapolation of the fetich’s Motivation, and no power can directly change it. Only by somehow changing the fetich’s Motivation can the Infernal’s secondary Motivation be altered (which is as difficult as it normally would be). The Exalt’s permanent Essence is considered one higher for calculating mote pools, and he gains an extra success on Charm conflict rolls, for every Third Circle soul he possesses. The fetich itself may have a permanent Essence ranging from 4 to the Exalt’s own Essence. As with the fetiches of the Yozis proper, it may sacrifice a permanent dot of Willpower to temporarily gain access to the Charms and Combos of the Infernal for a scene. The fetich treats all influence from the Infernal as unnatural. At need, the Infernal may spend a point of Willpower to tap into the resources of his fetich, draining it of any number of motes or Willpower points to replace his own spent reserves; these drained motes and Willpower can not exceed the Exalt’s normal maximums. The permanent slaying of the Exalt’s fetich is horrible and transformative; the Infernal reflexively grows a new fetich, but its Motivation and the secondary Motivation it provided the Exalt are changed. This new Motivation is at best related and sometimes opposed to the Motivation it replaces. As its Motivation defines its spiritual purpose, the fetich rarely retains the same Charms or personality. As the Exalt’s soul grows in power, it also expands. When both the Infernal and his fetich are Essence 7+ it spawns two component souls of its own, each of which take their Motivations from one of the fetich’s Intimacies. Unlike the fetich, these budding Second Circle souls do not make their associated Intimacy inviolable, nor do changes in their Motivations affect the Intimacies that spawned them. These sub-component souls
have permanent Essence no higher than (fetich’s Essence − 2), and are as unique and powerful as demons of their Essence should be. If such a component soul should be slain, the fetich soul temporarily lowers its permanent Essence by one until its component soul reforms.
At Essence 7+ the Infernal may purchase this Charm again, spawning another soul. Like the Exalt’s fetich, the Motivation and spiritual purpose of this component soul is based on one of his Intimacies. However, this Intimacy does not become a new Motivation for the Exalt; it remains an Intimacy, though it becomes as inviolable as the secondary Motivation. Only by persuading this new component soul to alter its Motivation can the corresponding Intimacy of the Infernal be changed. The Exalt may purchase this Charm a third time to spawn another Third Circle demon, and as his soul becomes so very expansive his component souls grow to spawn their own full complement of seven Second Circle souls. These Second Circle souls are tied to Third Circle Intimacies, as described above. When five
or more of a Third Circle soul’s components have been slain, its Essence temporarily drops two points instead of one until it reforms sufficient component souls to have at least three, at which point its permanent Essence is only lowered by one. A Second Circle soul that is slain reforms over a year and a day, rather than instantly like a Third Circle soul. At this point, the Infernal’s soul hierarchy has reached the limits of its expansion. To expand further, the Exalt must have Essence 8+ and transform into an environmental being (as per Hell-Body Kingdom or Fourfold Body Abnegation). Achieving this level of transcendence, the Infernal may purchase this Charm as many times as he wishes, spawning a vast soul hierarchy like a full-grown Yozi, trading freedom of thought and purpose for greater power.
See The Books of Sorcery, Vol. IV—The Roll of Glorious Divinity I for more on spirits in general, and The Books of Sorcery, Vol. V—The Roll of Glorious Divinity II for more on demons.

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