Languages of Creation


As in the real world, there are thousands of languages spoken in the Modern world. Nonetheless, most people in Creation know at least one of the world’s handful of major tongues, either as a first or a second language. Treat these major languages in the same fashion as the “language groups” in the core rules. One may also purchase four local languages or dialects for the cost of a major language, in the same manner as the core rules’ “tribal tongues.”

Major languages include:

  • Meruvian: Primary language of Meruvia, spoken across the world
  • Tengese: Primary language of An-Teng, spoken in much of the West and South
  • Udelph: Primary language of Hollow, spoken in much of the East
  • Varang: Spoken in and around Varangia
  • Kirist: Spoken in and around Nyunda
  • Haslan: Spoken in and around the Haslanti Confederation
  • Fellaran: Spoken in and around Fellara
  • Coral: Spoken in and around the Coral Archipelago
  • Luthic: Spoken in and around Wavecrest
  • Old Realm: Native language of all known spiritual entities"

Languages of Creation

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