Lunar Exalted

“World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems."

Alex mercer

According to rumors and folk-lore, shape-shifters have lived secretly amidst mortal society since it’s founding. Their faces are change-able, their movements untrackable. Nonetheless, they’re the stuff of urban legend and tabloid cover stories, and photographs, nicknames and speculation are bandied on the Internet after every Lunar sighting. Historical records and modern reporting alike show them mingling with mortal elites, hunting monsters in the Threshold and slaughtering evil spirits in wars at Creation’s edge. But they answer to no one—unless rumor is to be believed—and actions ranging from sabotage to seduction, abduction to murder, inspire speculation attributing them to one Lunar or another.

Lunar Rules Tweaks

We are using Earthscorpion’s Lunarrata

The following modifications are made to Lunars, above and beyond the ones noted in the Exalted modern section

  • Knacks do not exist. Any Knacks which would be of use with the following rules become Charms with the same prerequisites and the Native Keyword.
  • Lunars get 10 Charms to assign at character generation.
  • The Lunar dice cap from Excellencies is increased to (Attribute + Essence/2). If they exceed (Attribute), use of the Charm is Obviously reflected in their form, whether it’s a silver gleam over too-perceptive eyes, or suddenly ape-like arms bulging, like how the Alchemical 4th Augmentation is Obvious. It is not Obvious if the form the Lunar is in would be able to do such things with their natural Attributes.

Index of all the TAW charms.

The Silver Witchey of the Lunars.

Lunar Exalted shine with the Unlight of Luna, and warp nature to fit their whims. All Lunars ger a Free Excellency in all their favored Abilities, and whenever they take a charm for an ability that they lack an Excellency for.

Lunar Exalted

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