Other Essence Wielders

Enlightened Mortals

Gods and God-blooded

Historians and theologians say the world was once rife with spirits. Guardian angels watched over cities and peoples; thunderbirds ruled the skies while dragons guarded the oceanic deeps. But most of these entities turned against humanity. Aided by the Exalted, Creation’s armed forces drove these malicious beings to the edges of the world.
Some spirits linger. The least of them—guardian angels of ordinary things, from cars and phones to raindrops and grains of sand—exist everywhere. But like subatomic particles, these invisible, immanent entities never manifest to mortal eyes, being perceptible only through sophisticated -Essence-perceiving instruments.
A few greater powers also remain: angels of cities and corporations, divine mandarins of ideas and principles, elemental overseers of groves and ore-veins. These too are rarely seen, for they find it salubrious to keep their heads down in public. Spirits are assumed hostile unless proven otherwise, so even those maintaining a place in society prefer to avoid notice lest they meet with violence.
Spirits in the developed world must register with national governments. This requires patronage. Some attach themselves to religious institutions, driving up attendance with appearances as angels in Immaculate churches or as possessors in Guivré ceremonies. Others affiliate themselves with corporations, using magic to benefit the business. A few assume government roles, where they find themselves hunting down their unregistered peers.

Divine heritage is rare among mortals. But it happens nonetheless, especially when a spirit hiding out in human society decides that marriage—or casual sex, for that matter—would strengthen their disguise. The resulting god-blooded offspring often don’t discover their powers until after the divine parent moves on, leaving them clueless about their heritage. Like spirits, they must register or face legal penalties.

Fair Folk and Fairy-Blooded

Fairy Blooded are rare, due to the wars, but must register like any other x-blooded

Demons and Daemon-blooded

Rumors and Legends.

Limnal Exalted- Rumors speak of the Chernozem, who guard the barriers between life and death. Not much is known about them, as they have no face to show the world the ways the Abyssals do.

Nocturnal Exalted – Only theorized about by those in the know. Nox was one of the Incarna, the most powerful of the gods, and all of them had Exaltations forged for them. Yet Nox claims that he has no agents in the world.

Other Essence Wielders

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