Quicksilver Hands of Dreams Style

The Quicksilver Staircase
Cost: –; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Enlightening, Permanent
Prerequisite Charms:: None

As she slept, she fought and loved and saw the world

The martial artist learns to take control of his dreaming self, and by doing so grow closer to his dreams. He is now an entirely lucid dreamer and may remember his dreams perfectly. He also gains other benefits:

• All Illusion effects, all Fair Folk charms and all Oramus Charms are Obvious to the martial artist’s senses. This does not grant the martial artist the ability to pierce the illusion, but at least he knows to try.

• The character can handle raw dream-stuff, such as dreams pulled out using Dream ravager Hand, as if he held a physical object. By drawing out the substance of his own dreams, he has access to his (Craft[Gossamer]) Gossamer every time he sleeps. After being used or when the martial artist next sleeps, all of his unused gossamer stores are absorbed into his mind to form his dreams.

• The character takes the first step towards leaving the waking world behind. If the character does not have Arcane Fate (see MoEP: Sidereals p.g. XX), she gains it. Either way, the character’s Arcane Fate works on creatures outside fate and Sidereals. Further, not just the initial storage—but the accessing of memories relating to the martial artist becomes a trial. As an Illusion effect, memories of the martial artist are recalled as though dreams, daydreams and idle fantasies (as in, not real). It costs 1wp to suppress this Illusion for a scene. Finally, every day spent without knowingly being in the martial artist’s presence counts as a scene spent eroding any intimacies the character has regarding the martial artist unless the character spends 1wp to hold onto those intimacies.

Peaceful Repose Touch
Cost: 4m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Compulsion, Touch
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms:: The Quicksilver Staircase

And none could awaken her.

The character knows how a person’s Essence changes between waking and sleeping. He can use that knowledge to strike a person’s Essence and force it into a waking or sleeping pattern. This is an unarmed martial arts attack. If this attack hits, the martial artist rolls (Charisma or Manipulation + Martial Arts) against the target’s DMDV. If successful, the target is immediately place asleep (Inactive) or forced awake, even if the target was previously put to sleep or forced awake through magical means. The target can resist this unnatural compulsion by spending 2wp. The target sleeps or stays awake for up to one full day. If the target hit by this charm has no willpower than the slumber or removed capacity to sleep can last indefinitely. In the case of making someone awaken or sleep indefinitely, the martial artist must set some reasonable circumstance to end the effect (such as true love’s kiss or a heart-felt apology) that can awaken the target. Anyone with a positive intimacy towards the target instinctively knows what the condition is.

Fervent Night Phantasm
Cost: 4m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Illusion, Touch
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms:: The Quicksilver Staircase

For in her dreams, she had a lover who truly knew her,

As a student of this martial art learns the secrets of dreams, she can induce dreams in other people. A strike to the target’s Essence plants a dream within her consciousness. This charm is an unarmed martial arts attack that deals no damage. Instead, if you hit roll (Charisma or Manipulation + Martial Arts) against the target’s DMDV. If successful, you may implant a dream in the target’s subconscious that manifests the next time she sleeps, unless she spends 5wp to resist the dream when this attack takes hold. This dream is remembered perfectly but has no mechanical implication other than that it may contain a social attack (including one enhanced by other charms, even non-martial arts charms).

Alternatively, the martial artist can force the target to dream while awake. This allows the martial artist to introduce one new element to the character’s perception or to alter the look, sound, smell, taste and touch of another element. For instance, the martial artist can introduce a duplicate of himself to confuse an enemy, or make a simple hovel look like a luxurious mansion. This is an unnatural illusion that costs 3wp to resist. A target without any willpower hit by this attack can have their entire world altered at the martial artist’s whim until they manage to spend the willpower to break the illusion. Either way, this use of the charm lasts until the target next sleeps.

Dream ravager Hand
Cost: 1m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Shaping, Touch
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms:: The Quicksilver Staircase

though she did not see him.

The martial artist makes a grab past his target, his hands reaching deep into his target’s subconscious. There he lays claim to the substance of the victim’s dreams, plucking a bright green molasses blot from the depth. The martial artist immediately gains 1 gossamer. As long as the motes remain committed to this charm, the martial artist may ignore the Touch Keyword for other charms of this style, meaning that he only has to overcome the target’s DMDV and he gains +1 gossamer when he sleeps. The martial artist may maintain up to Craft[Gossamer] activations of this charm at a time. While mote remains committed to this charm, the target cannot dream and thus cannot regain willpower through sleep. For what it’s worth, the target also can’t be ravaged by the Fair Folk.

Ephemeral Presence Technique
Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Speed 5, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Illusion
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms:: Peaceful Repose Touch, Fervent Night Phantasm, Dream Ravager Hand

She searched and searched but could not find him.

No longer sure whether he is in the real world or wandering in dreams, the martial artist seems to have transcended mere physicality. In the clear light of everyday reality, it seems that he is not exactly where he appeared to be. As the world grows darker or more dubious, the character seems to be in more than one place at a time. Where people cannot see the world or there’s no stable reality to see, it’s obvious that he is everywhere.

Even if the martial artist can be seen with perfect clarity, he is immune to onslaught and coordinated attack penalties, gains +2 DDV, and doubles his movement speed. While inside a Bordermarch or an area of poor visibility, the character’s bonus to DDV increases by the martial artist’s (Essence) and his movement speed instead triples. Further, the character may roll to re-establish surprise even if she doesn’t have cover. While inside the Middlemarches or an area with no visibility the martial artist’s speed instead quadruples and he may reflexively attempt to re-establish surprise once per action tick.

Additionally, the martial artist ignores all penalties to his perception and, indeed, adds (Martial Arts)/2 as automatic successes to any Awareness or Perception pool. While in the bordermarches or deeper in the wyld, the martial artist also ignores all environmental penalties and environmental damage.

Dreamwalker Kata
Cost: 20m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Obvious, Shaping, Touch
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms:: Ephemeral Presence Technique

She questioned everyone in her dream.

Brushing her hand past a dreaming person’s head with a gesture like unlocking a door, the martial artist opens a momentary, silver-shimmering portal into the world of his dreams and steps through. For the next scene, she is physically present in his dream. While inside, the martial artist can unobtrusively observe the dream as it plays out… or use Fervent Night Phantasm to take control, to whatever extent he chooses. He can interact with the sleeper’s dream self as if they were both corporeal or create whatever fantasy or nightmare he wants. The target can fight back against whatever the martial artist does, but only using Charms or stunts and with every physical dice pool reduced to zero before Charm or stunt modifiers.

Nothing that happens in the dream is real, so the dream invader cannot cause any physical harm, but she can give the dreamer a very bad night—or a good one, or just a strange experience. At the storyteller’s option, this may result in up to a +/- 3 modifier to the dreamer’s Conviction roll to regain willpower.

If the martial artist possesses one of the target’s dreams, taken through Dream Ravager Hand, or the target is currently experiencing a dream implanted using Fervent Night Phantasm, the martial artist can enter the target’s dreams without being physically present. She simply makes the kata in the air and steps through. When the scene ends and the character must depart the dream, however, she stands beside the sleeper instead of wherever she was before.

The dreamer will not naturally awaken while the martial artist influences his dreams, but some external event can wake him up. In that case, the martial artist suddenly appears beside his target and for the rest of the scene he automatically botches all Join Battle, Join Debate, and Join War rolls.

Inescapable Nightmare Pursuit
Cost: 8m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simply (Speed 5, DV -1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms:: Ephemeral Presence Technique

No one escaped her queries.

When the martial artist activates this Charm, he must designate one person within his sight at that time. For the rest of the scene, the martial artist gains the ability to successfully chase the target to the end of Creation and beyond. No matter what form of movement the target uses: move action, dashing, jumping, riding on a horse, transporting herself by a spell… the martial artist moves a little faster and can never be hid from or evaded.

The martial artist gains perfect awareness of the target. Further, at the end of each action tick place the martial artist anywhere that is one yard closer to the target than her current location instead of moving for that action (if the target is already within one yard than she does not move).

Further, for the duration of this charm the martial artist can move through barriers, walk on walls or the water, any form of movement required to chase his chosen query is provided him—although the speed is always the same. This charm automatically fails against targets who can’t dream, such as most automata or someone who’s had their dreams stolen.

Quicksilver Hand of Dreams Form
Cost: 16m, 2g; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 5; Type: Simple
Keywords: Form-type, Combo-Basic, Obvious, Shaping
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms:: One complete Celestial martial art (all Charms), Dreamwalker Kata, Inescapable Nightmare Pursuit.

As time passed, she forgot him and did not know why she wept in her sleep.

The martial artist activates the Quicksilver Hand of Dreams Form through a weird, slow kata while the world around her seems to ripple like water. The martial artist gains the benefits of Ephemeral Passage and the area with ((Essence + Martial Arts) x10) yards around her moves one step towards the wyld (turning creation into a bordermarch, or a middlemarch into the deep wyld). If this opposes an effect like Chaos Repelling Pattern, it provokes a roll-off where the martial artist gains Craft[Gossamer] bonus successes.

The dice (not reward) bonus of the character’s stunts is doubled. Further, the character gets to have far more narrative control when performing at least a two-die stunt. Objects and things can be shaped into existence for him to use and the laws of physics are loosened for the sake of his imagination. He can run across a flight of birds that just happens to swoop by, or any other dramatic effect with no mechanical implications or narrative significance. Often, these things are shaped into existence just for the martial artist’s use. The ST can feel free to veto anything that is an attempt to gain an unwarranted edge or anything that simply could not happen—using the surrounding wyld as a guideline.

Further, the character is immune to all attacks by extras and gains (Martial Arts) bonus successes in any dicepool not actively opposed by magic or at least a two-die stunt, which does not count as a bonus added by charms.

Finally, the character gains an overdrive pool of 10 motes while this form is active. He adds one mote to this pool when his DV refreshes if he is in the presence of at least one person who is asleep; at least one enemy is suffering from an illusion or compulsion or shaping effect he caused. He adds one mote per condition that is fulfilled. He may also choose to add 3m per stunt die to his offensive pool instead of a stunt’s normal rewards.

Gossamer Understanding
Cost: –(Cost Varies); Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Shaping
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms:: Quicksilver Hand of Dreams Form

The Dreaming Elder’s Sutra: The maiden awakened into daylight, silver tear tracks on her cheeks.

Even the poorest, most sordid and colorless dream can be beautiful to the dreamer, and that beauty is more real than anything in creation. The martial artist may use the Craft[Gossamer] skill to craft items and artifacts, using the normal rules for doing so. Particular types or particularly potent dreams make for excellent exotic ingredients and as long as the martial artist has access to the right dreams, almost anything can be made with Craft[Gossamer].

When time is not on the martial artist’s side, she can use essence to hammer dreams into the desired shape immediately and will to bind it to that useful form. As a reflexive action, the martial artist determines what he is going to make and rolls Wits + Martial Arts, adding Craft[Gossamer] in bonus successes, with a difficulty equal to twice the Resources or quadruple the Artifact rating of the item being made. If successful, the martial artist may immediately commit 3m and spend 1g to bring the item into existence for up to one scene. If the creation is an artifact, than the martial artist must instead spend 1wp, commit to its Attunement Cost and spend 1g per Artifact dot to do the same. Only generic, non-magitech, non-intelligent, non-biotech, non-consumable artifacts may be created. A Daiklave is acceptable, the Daiklave of Conquest or a Soulbreaker Orb is not. Artifact weapons gain +1 accuracy and +1 defense from being made of gossamer, while artifact armor has no mobility penalty. Items created by this charm are automatically considered committed (included in the cost of this charm) and worn/readied as appropriate. Items created like this disappear at the next sunrise. In the underworld they instead disappear at the end of the scene.

All weapons created by this charm are considered form weapons for this style, and armor created by this charm is considered compatible with this style. The martial artist may spend 1g in Step 8 when he hits someone with a Gossamer weapon. If he does and the hit rolls at least one die of damage, the next charm from this style he uses that targets that person with the Touch keyword loses that keyword.

Chimerical Ascension
Cost: 10m, 2g; Mins: Martial Arts 6, Essence 6; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Obvious, Shaping, Stackable
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms:: Quicksilver Hand of Dreams Form

and she rose from her bed and blinked the last tear away,

The martial artist strikes the air and Creation breaks, letting the wyld pour in. The area around her becomes otherworldly and peculiar—cause and effect become distant cousins and people immediately start to change. The area within (Martial Arts) x10 yards moves one step closer to the Wyld. If this charm comes into conflict with charms such as Chaos Repelling Pattern, it provokes a charm roll-off where the martial artist gains Craft[Gossamer] bonus successes. Every use in the area beyond the first expands the radius of the area by another (Martial Arts) x10 yards, while all areas that were previously effected move one step closer to Pure Chaos. Further, every time this charm is used everyone in the area except the martial artist must immediately roll against wyld mutation and wyld addiction. This effect lasts beyond the scene, the wyld retreating at a rate of 1 yard per hour.

The martial artist takes advantage of the sudden surge of un-reality, allowing his soul to ride the waves of chaos and diffuse across the affected area. The martial artist can perceive everything in the area as though he were in every location within it. He can also launch attacks on anyone within the area, regardless of distance—as the martial artist reshapes the landscape to carry his attacks. Further, the martial artist can reflexively use the “Defend Other” action to defend anyone in the area, all charms of this style with the Touch keyword lose that keyword, and affects that happen when the target is out of willpower instead happen when the target has less than (Craft[Gossamer])/2 willpower remaining.

Finally, unwanted shaping effects levied against the martial artist while inside this area is diffused harmlessly into the surroundings. Unwanted shaping effects levied against the area provoke a charm roll-off as the martial artist struggles to maintain his hold.

Cost: –(+10m, +1wp, +4g); Mins: Martial Arts 7, Essence 7; Type: Simple
Keywords: Obvious, Shaping, Compulsion
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms:: Chimerical Ascension

she saw that her lover stood waiting,

The martial artist himself does not know whether his dreams are real, but truth be told, isn’t quite sure anything is more real when his eyes are open. Yet one thing remains, he is the star and reality his adoring fan. He pauses and the whole world stands still, he speaks and nations become enthralled, he moves and the foundations of the world tremble—if only in his mind. This charm modifies Quicksilver Hand of Dreams form, adding a 10m 1wp, 5g surcharge and adding (Craft[Gossamer]) x10 yards to the range.

Before applying any other effects of the charm, the martial artist decides what role he would like to everyone inside the area to play in the story and rolls Wits + Martial Arts against everyone’s DMDV. He gains an external penalty of -1 to -3 based on how unlikely the role cast for everyone is (the Staunch Dynast is unlikely to relinquish his vows and help the Anathema) while he gains +1 to +3 bonus successes for particularly interesting or fitting roles, at the ST’s description. This is a Compulsion effect, not a Shaping effect, and costs 3wp to overcome. Extras cannot spend WP to overcome the effects and creatures of the Wyld suffer a -6 penalty to their MDVs. Characters who fail to resist play out their roles as assigned, but this charm implies no success or failure, and can’t stop someone from defending against attacks. Once the form-charm is ended, the characters return to their senses. This benefit of Fantasy can only be applied once per scene, regardless of failure.

Regardless of the martial artist’s success or failure in his new attempt at being director, the benefits of the form-charm are enhanced. The martial artist no longer doubles the number of bonus dice from stunts. Instead, the martial artist is considered to always be benefiting from a 3-die stunt on all actions. This special 3-die stunt cannot be modified by other charms and does not restore motes or WP, but it is in addition to the normal stunt awarded to any of the martial artist’s actions (which reaps rewards normally). Finally, the narrative flow of the world desires to bend to the martial artist’s will. Everyone who fulfills the role assigned to them by the martial artist receives a +1 die bonus to their stunts while anyone who opposes the narrative does not gain any bonus dice from stunts (neither the bonus or penalty affect mote and willpower rewards). Subverting intent while going with the letter of the narrative is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

Quicksilver Hands of Dreams Style

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