Revised Firearm Rules

New Tags

Assault rifles, Machine Guns, and SMGs gain the FA tag, and the Assault Rifle and the SMG gain the Br tag.

Br – Burst Fire Weapons with this tag are capable of spitting a three-round burst every time the trigger is pulled. Depending on if the character is firing wide or focused bursts, the attack has different effects. Each burst attack uses up 3 bullets.

Wide burst boxes in a foe, adding +1 die to hit. Focused burst, due the difficulty of keeping the gun on target, suffers a -1 internal penalty to the attack roll, but adds 1 to the raw damage of the attack, as three bullets impact close together.

FA – Full Auto Weapons with the Full-auto tag are capable of spitting a storm of lead, filling an area with hot metal. This provides several options.

The most simple of these is walking fire, allowing you to make up to three burst fire attacks on foes, as long as all the targets are within 1 yard of the last target. Due to the un-aimed nature of this attack, it suffers an additional -3 internal penalty.

The next option is a full-auto attack. Similar to burst fire attacks, these attacks come in two forms. Wide full-auto attacks add +3 to hit; focused full-auto attacks add +3 to the raw damage of the attack and suffer a -5 internal penalty on the attack. Should the shooter have some sort of mount or brace, such as the kind found on vehicles, the penalty drops to -3.

The final option, and the most complex, is suppressive fire. With this option, you empty a storm of ammo over an area of the battlefield, forcing the opponent to either keep their head down, or get hit with flying lead. This attack covers an area of approximately 20 sq yards and creates an environmental hazard, with a damage of (Base Weapon Damage) and a Trauma equal to the number of successes generated on the attack roll. This effect is resisted with a reflexive (Dexterity + Dodge) roll, with all the modifiers that would normally apply to your DV.

Explosive Rules

So, in the modern age you want to make things go boom. That’s understandable. Cool Exalts don’t look at explosions, they just turn their back and walk away.

So, explosive attacks. I’m going to crib from NWoD and Abberant. But mostly NWod.

Explosive attacks have a few new stats. Those are Blast Radius and Explosive Rating. When an explosive goes off, it rolls an attack pool equal to its explosive rating vs. the DV of everything within twice the Blast Radius. Within the base Blast Radius, it adds a number of automatic success equal to its Explosive Rating. Yes, grenades are going to hurt you. With grenades, roll 1d5. That’s how many ticks later the grenade explodes at. Explosives cannot be parried without a charm or stunt.

Sample Weapons

Explosive Weapons

Type Accuracy Damage Blast Radius Explosive Rating Cost Tags
Frag Grenade 0 4L/2 10 5 •••• Kn, O
Heavy Frag -2 5L/3 5 5 •••• Kn, O
Pipe Bomb -2 2L 5 4
Stun Grenade 0 3B/2 5 2 •• O
White Phosphorus 0 4L 5 4 •••• Fire
Molotov -2 2L 3 2 Fire

Grenade Launchers and Ammo

Type Accuracy Damage Rate Range Ammo Minimums Cost Tags
Grenade Launcher 0 Grenade 5 150 1 Str 3 ••••• 2h
Generic GMG 2 Grenade 5 300 50 (Belt) Str 4 ••••• FA, 2h
Launcher Grenades
Type Damage Blast Radius Explosive Rating Cost Tags
HE 4L 10 4 N/A Kd
HEDP 3L/2 10 3 N/A Kd, P
Stun 3B 5 3 •• Kd
WP 4L 10 4 N/A P, Fire
Smoke 10 •• Concealment
Tear gas 10 •• Concealment
Illumination 500*** N/A
Baton 5B •• Kd
Buckshot 4L 10 N/A Cone

MOAR Firearms

Moar Guns

Type Accuracy Damage Rate Range Ammo Minimums Cost Tags
Generic GPMG 2 9L 5 150 100 (Belt) Str 5 ••••• FA, 2h
Generic HMG 2 12L/2 5 300 100 (Belt) Str 4/8 (unmounted) ••••• FA, 2h
Antimaterial Rifle 3 12L/2 1 300 10 (Box) Str 5 •••• 2h
Minigun 2 9L 5 150 3000 Str 7 ••••• Fa*

Rocket Launchers

Type Accuracy Damage Blast Area Force Range Strength Tags
Rocket Launchers
Anti-Tank, HE -1 6 10 5 500 3 2h
Anti-Tank, HEAT -1 10 5 3 500 3 P, 2h
Disposable, Light HEAT -3 8 2 3 125 3 P, 2h
Disposable, Heavy HE -2 6 7 4 250 3 2h
Disposable, Heavy HEAT -2 14 5 4 250 3 P, 2h
Missile Launchers
SAM 2 10 15 3 2000 3 2h
ATGM 0 20 5 5 500 3 P, 2h

Heavy Guns

Type Accuracy Damage Rate Range Ammo Cost Tags
Light Autocannon 2 13L 5 1000 500 (Belt) ••••• Fa, V
Heavy Autocannon 2 16L 5 300 100 (Belt) ••••• Fa, V
Light Cannon 3 12L/2 1 300 10 (Box) •••• 2h, V
Heavy Cannon 2 9L 5 150 3000 ••••• Fa, (2h, V)?
Tactical Laser

Revised Firearm Rules

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