Sidereal Exalted

“Whoever yields properly to Fate, is deemed
Wise among men, and knows the laws of heaven."
- Euripedes, Fragment 965

The Sidereal Exalted are advisors, cleaners, assassins, spies. They study the paths of probability with radio telescopes and computer-modeled orreries. Then they make adjustments to the world—accidents, twists of fate, sabotage, murder—to eliminate those things better concealed: monsters spawned from Essence reactors; rogue gods infiltrating human society; ghosts, behemoths and raksha; and ideas or people that threaten the existing order.
Some Sidereals wish to better the world for mankind. Others disagree with the current system but prefer it to the chaos that would arise from efforts at reform. None can wholly trust any of their fellows, and so matters remain unchanged over the centuries. Now a handful have quietly rebelled, releasing the Solar Exaltations from their prison and arranging for the theft of Alchemical Exaltations from the Heptagram. Corresponding via encrypted phones and emails, they twist destiny to keep the Solars and Alchemicals out of the Infernals’ hands until the Exalts can once again stand on their own.

The Fate Mastery of the Sidereal Exalted

The Vizers are the true masters of fate, and can reshape it to suit their whims. Sidereals get a free Excellency for all their Favored and Caste abilities. In addition, they get one free excellency whenever that take a Charm for a college that they lack an excellency. Siderals may use their Excellencies on the Charisma+Performance+College role to craft destinies, as long as the Excellency is for the relevant ability. For Example, a Sidereal may use a Firearm excellency when crafting a resplendent destiny with the Lightning Bolt college. They may also treat themselves as having a rating in the college equal to the number of charms they possess in the linked charm tree.

Sidereal Rules Tweaks.

Since the Power of the Loom were never sealed, Greater Signs of the Maidens are upgraded so
that their cost in permanent Essence and Willpower naturally replenishes at a rate of one dot per month, but add five automatic points of Paradox to their invocation cost. Astrological Charms cost eight experience points for the Colleges corresponding to a Sidereal’s Caste, and 10 experience points otherwise. Sidereals may develop new Charms for the Greater Arts

Sidereal Exalted

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