Solar Exalted

“Where is the lightning to lick you with its tongue? Where is the madness against which you should be inoculated? Behold, I teach you the Superman: He is this lightning, he is this madness!”
– Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra


Who are these strange golden Exalts? Their origin is as enigmatic as that of the Lunars. Perhaps they’re a new step in human evolution; maybe they’re a trick sent by evil spirits. Whatever their origin or intent, they represent a new source of power that individuals and governments will seek to control, or failing that, destroy. But those who attract the Solar Exaltation are strong of will—leaders by nature—and won’t be so easily used.

The Transcendent Mastery of the Solar Exalted

The Solars are Masters of any task they deign to lay hands upon. To represent this, Solars automatically receive any one free Excellency in all their Favored and Caste Abilities. In addition, whenever they buy a charm for an ability that they lack an Excellency for, they recive one of the Excellencies for that ability.

Solar Exalted

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