The Modern Age

F.Y. 0 – An-Teng is founded.

F.Y. 4431 – Tengese pioneers, armed with early firearms, drive back the Aluan, and settle on the Blessed Isle.

F.Y. 4527 – The colonies on Meruvia declare independence, and found their own nation.

F.Y. 4528 – Reinforcements send to reclaim the Blessed Isle are crippled by bad weather. The Scattered forces that make it through are routed by gorilla tatics. An-Teng withdraws from world affairs.

F.Y. 4737 – Civil War erupts in Hollow and nearby contries, with a Guild back populist movement seeking to throw off the corrupt monarchist rule. This leads to the foundation of the Guild Coalition.

F.Y. 4742 – Jochim leads a coup d’état, and assumed the role of absolute dictator of the Guild Coalition.

F.Y. 5062 – Modern Day.

The Modern Age

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