Universal EXP Table

Rather than Have every Exalt use a different table for EXP Costs, plus the fact that geometric costs for abilites/atributes is stupid, I’ve made my own table

Stat Cost Training Time
Attribute 10 XP (new rating) months
Attribute (favored) 8 xp 1 week
Abilities 5xp (new rating) weeks
Abilities (favoured) 4 xp instant
Virtue 5 xp instant
Willpower 6 xp instant
Background 3 xp varies
Specialty 3 xp/ 2 xp if favored 3 weeks.
Favored Charm 8 xp See Splat
Normal Charm 10 xp See Splat
Martial Art Charm 8 xp / 10 Xp (MA favored/normal) (Min. Ability) days/(Min. Ability + Min. Essence) days
New Spell Charm See House Rules (Min. Essence) days
Essence (to 3) (8*Rating) xp Instant
Essence (4+) (8*Rating) xp (New rating) months

Note: Alchemical pay 4 XP for Charms, 4 xp upgrades, 4 for favored charm slots, and 6 for a general slot.

Sources of EXP.

Bonus Experience Points
In addition to the experience awards described in the core book on p.273; additional points may be earned in the following manner:

  • One point will be awarded by the ST for any reason.
  • One point will be awarded by consensus of the group for any reason.
  • One point will be awarded for each significant contribution to the Wiki related to this series. Some examples include:
    • Writing a page of background for any character
    • Expanding a character’s background by a page
    • Generating a page worth of story hooks for any character
    • Stating out any of my named NPCs
    • Naming and stating out an original NPC you’d like to see included in the story
    • Generating a page long, in character, account of the week’s story (double spaced)
    • Creating a complete write up for a custom Charm
    • Creating a complete write up for a custom Artifact following the guidelines printed in Oadenol’s Codex

Universal EXP Table

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