Every mythology speaks of a heavenly city at Meru’s peak. There—depending on which writings one consults—can be found the dwellings of Immaculate angels, the ruling powers of the constellations or the Black Jade Emperor’s court. But even satellite photography cannot penetrate the shining mists that veil Yu-Shan, and no climber in living memory has reached the city and returned to tell the tale.

-Secrets do not read-

Yu-shan is a fallen city. First, it fell to the hands of the traitorous gods, their primordial backers, and the exalted puppets.
The second fall was when the Infernal freed Nox from the loom of fate, and the loyal Incarna twisted fate, damaging the oaths of surrender. Coupled with work by the Infernals, the Yozi broke free of their prison, and retook their ancient palaces. The strike of Akuma, Infernals, and Demons caught the celestial city off-guard. Lytek was slain, and the Celestial Exaltations captured. The Yozi then directly demonstrated their displeasure with the Incarnae. The powers of the Incarnae were sealed into their celestial bodies; Gaia fled on the Comet Gnosis, deadly wounds opening as her kami were torn away from her; Autochthon was captured and exiled to a sanatorium of his own twisted devising. Nox was placed as the head of the Celestial Bureaucracy.

Now, rather than a city of gold and silver, it is a city of Brass and basalt, twisting to reflect whatever Yozi has taken the lead in the games. Silver and gold canals have been replaced by the acid waters of Kimbery, and the Black Wind now howls down broken boulevards. The Celestial bureaucracy still runs, serving the whims of their new masters. Least gods and demons broker for power, while the Unquestionables lounge in palaces forged of the magical materials.


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